You Can Read the Mind of Others – 4 Tips on How to Make It Possible

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Is it possible to have the ability to read other people’s minds? Can it really be done? How many times have you wished that you could read someone’s mind? Life would probably be a whole lot easier if you could! You would know exactly if the love of your life was serious about your future together and so much more.

The good news is, you CAN. You won’t be able to imitate Mel Gibson in his famous movie; “What Women Want.” You can have the ability to read people by dedicating yourself to the right set of skills, training, time, focus and commitment — there skills that you can learn to give anyone the impression that you are reading their mind.

The first thing that you must do to begin the process of reading minds is to stop all your own assumptions and perceptions when you are connecting with another individual. We sometimes find ourselves reacting and judging a person due to our own feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Sometimes, when we are interacting with another person, we focus on their body language, facial expressions and start assuming what they are thinking. This happens a lot especially, between women and men. Mind reading can also be great on how to improve your memory too because you are being more mindful with a person and working at remembering certain aspects of them.

If you are a very sensitive person, called an empath, you are already halfway there to reading someone’s mind. This is because an empath is someone who can pick up the energy of another person’s emotional or mental state. Having empathy is another way to understand other people and get closer to mind reading.

The Skills That You Need to Start Reading Minds

Studies show that everyone can read minds. You don’t have to become the next best psychic to have the ability of mind reading. Here are the top 4 tips to getting started on the journey of mind reading like a natural.

1. Learn to Stay in the Present, Clear Your Mind and Stay Positive

man meditating and concentratingMake sure that when you are connecting with another person, that you are in a positive mood yourself. You don’t want any internal emotional negative distractions to take you away from your ability to learn the skill of mind reading. Sometimes learning to stay present is a whole new skill to learn and will take some time. Learning meditation and yoga can help you build the tools that you can use to clear your mind and can focus on the moment.

2. Connect with the other Person in Body Mind and Spirit

If you want to read someone’s mind, you must truly understand them in body, mind, and spirit. To have the skills to understand another person, you need to get to know them. Witnessing their personality by their words, actions and voice is only half the story. There are lots of other aspects of a person that you can’t see with an eye to give you a better story of the person so you can start reading their minds. It’s a good idea to separate their physical traits and get a sense of their energy. A person’s aura can say a lot about them. The Aura is the atmosphere and energy that is surrounded by a person. Some people, especially one with psychic abilities, see auras in colors and that can give them an impression of the person.

3. Give All Your Attention to The Person Who’s Mind You Want to Read

Make sure that when you start the process of mind reading someone, that you focus only on them. Try to make eye contact for at least 20 seconds to pick up their energy. The eyes are windows to the soul, and this is true in so many ways. Detectives are trained to read a suspect’s eyes to see if they’re lying. They focus on eye movements as well as bodily gestures. Keep in mind that people on depression treatment may not feel so comfortable with eye contact.

4. Have Deep Conversation

The best way to uncover the thoughts of another person is by having a conversation with them. Take note of the words that they use, the feelings and emotions that they express during the conversation. This is a great way to pick up their thoughts once you get to know them in greater detail.


friends bonding and talkingThe above tips provide an opportunity to bond with the person who’s mind you want to read. Bonding is a great chance to start to pick up clues of what can be going on in their minds. Make sure that you write things that come up when you are connecting with the other person that you believe to be important and can help you in the long run with mind reading. Also, thoughts that come up in your own mind when connecting with the other person can also be very important in the process of mind reading. You can even start experiencing a term called telepathy.

Telepathy is when two people can communicate together not by typical speech or technology, but by using their brains. Scientists have discovered that this way of communicating is very real and is within reach in our day and age. This is one form of mind reading.

It is going to take a lot of dedication and commitment to start and become a natural at mindreading. Stay with a positive outlook, believe that you can learn this skill and always be in the process of learning as you go; that means failure is also learning. You will be able to read the minds of your friends, family and even strangers that you have just met in no time at all.

Here is a fun trick that you can do with your friends to get them to believe that you can read their mind until you learn the actual skill of mind reading:

  • Get your friend to choose any number from 1-10
  • Double that number
  • Add 12
  • Divide the total by 2
  • Subtract the original number
  • The number that your friend is thinking of will be… 6

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