What Some Men have to say about being Uncircumcised

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While many men are believed to be circumcised in today’s era, the truth is the opposite. As a matter of fact, many men are actually uncircumcised today, a whopping approximate 50%.

With that being said, being uncircumcised is actually more normal than everyone thinks. And, it’s not all that detrimental to a man’s life, and sex life, as some may say. To clarify the facts, 4 men were interviewed in order to communicate to the public how normal being uncircumcised really is. Below are some details of what it’s like to be uncircumcised through their eyes.

Man #1

Man #1, let’s call him Josh for now, is a 31-year-old man who was born in the Midwest. Josh is a first generation American, with his parent’s native to Europe.

Josh has no problem with being uncircumcised; He actually has quite positive views on the matter. In fact, in his interview, he claims that he’s never been embarrassed or concerned with the fact that his penis is uncircumcised. Even when other guys talk about it with him, and they claim that such a situation is a little odd, Josh stands his ground and claims it’s not weird at all. In fact, he sees it as quite normal.

woman looking surprised at man's package When it comes to sex, Josh says that being uncircumcised gives him an advantage, the advantage being that he has more nerve endings on his foreskin, therefore giving him more pleasure. He claims that he may be missing out on all those sensations if he were circumcised. In addition, his partners have never questioned, and have never been alarmed, at seeing his penis. Most tend to get excited even.

Josh has never thought about adult circumcision; He is actually quite happy with his situation and states that his partner is, too. As a matter of fact, Josh says that if he and his partner have children, they’ve decided to never circumcise their child; They see no benefit to it!

Man #2

Man #2, let’s call him Mike for now, is a 26-year-old man that was born San Francisco, California.

Mike doesn’t really think about being uncircumcised from day to day, until someone brings the topic up. And for him, sex is pleasurable. When it comes to women, he supposedly claims that being uncircumcised feels better for them, too.

In addition, Mike states that no woman has ever been turned off from seeing his penis, but some have been a little surprised. Because he’s never had a negative reaction to his penis, he tends to not warn women beforehand of his situation.

Mike has never, not even once, thought about adult circumcision. He goes even further to say he would never circumcise his child, due to the fact that he thinks it’s unnecessary.

Man #3

Man #3, let’s call him Ben for now, is a 29-year-old man that was born in the United States, and he absolutely loves being uncircumcised.

When it comes to sex, Ben says that oral sex feels amazing. He claims that any sort of stimulation produces sensations throughout his body that get him in such a ‘happy place.’

Most of the time, when Ben sleeps with a woman, he doesn’t tell her that he even has foreskin. However, luckily for him, women never notice he’s uncircumcised, and they are extremely shocked after the fact. Though, he does remember one vivid memory when one of his lady friends played with his penis. In fact, he claimed that she treated it as if it was the first penis she had ever seen. Isn’t that funny?

Anyways, he, too, would never get adult circumcision done to himself. However, when it comes to circumcising his child, he’s up in the air about it. He’s unsure if he’d want his kid to be confused due to the fact that most other boys don’t have uncircumcised penises. Ben actually confessed that he thought of himself as quite the freak when he saw his penis versus other men’s penises while watching porn for the first time. He’s also come to the realization that circumcisions can go wrong, and that he would not want his son to have such an awful-looking penis. I guess he’ll make that decision when the time comes.

Man #4

man looking at his junk inside his underwearMan #4, let’s call him Patrick for now, is a 31-year-old man that was born in Canada. Patrick actually enjoys being uncircumcised, and claims he didn’t know the difference in penis ‘types’ until he was about 14. He states that he never knew why porn penises looked so funny.

When it comes to sex, Pat claims that he doesn’t think being circumcised would change anything for him. The only thing he looks out for is when it comes time for intercourse, he’s sure to put a condom on the right way by pulling the foreskin back all the way. He doesn’t want any babies any time soon.

When it comes to women, Patrick says they hardly notice, and if they do notice, they aren’t bothered by it. Most of the time, he says his foreskin is automatically pulled back when he gets an erection, anyways. In fact, one girl that he had dated for approximately two years hadn’t even noticed the entire time (and this wasn’t because she was dumb).

Patrick is against getting adult circumcision done, unless there is a medical issue that requires him to do so. In addition, he would never get his son circumcised either.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why did I write an entire article on what it’s like to be uncircumcised? What’s the real point? Why do men want to read something like this?

Well, I wrote it for a few reasons, and I’ll list them out for you briefly:

  1. Men that are uncircumcised can read this and compare their own thoughts on the matter
  2. Men who are having a baby, or who plan to have a baby in the future, can understand the pros and cons of circumcising or not circumcising their child
  3. Men may be curious as to what it’s like (this may be unlikely)

By Jenny Lyn

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