What Happens When You Don’t Have Sex?

by Mike Stewart
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You’ve heard the saying, “use it, or lose it”. This couldn’t be more accurate in the times we live in. With the health crisis going on and travel restrictions, and with the usual social hotspots closing down, the average single guy would certainly have problems getting intimate with someone.

Taking a hiatus from sex wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice.

For most of us, sex is more than just satisfying our carnal needs; it plays a key role in establishing intimacy, closeness, relationships, and even your confidence. Can young, sexually active men survive this world we live in where it’s 10 times harder to have sex?

Here’s what happens to you if you don’t have sex for a long time:

Adverse Mental Health Issues

Just about everything could cause problems to your mental health these days. The isolation, the lack of intimacy, and physical connection with another person could really mess with your confidence, and if you let it go on without doing something, it may lead to your self-esteem spiraling out of control.

We don’t fully understand the drastic effects of isolation and lack of physical connection with other people until we’ve been isolated ourselves. Not everyone is used to the feeling of loneliness and depression, and most of us depend on social interactions, relationships, and sex, to establish our sense of self.

On the physiological side, studies have shown that intimacy triggers a neurochemical reaction between two individuals. It’s well-established that pheromones, the odorless chemical that triggers an involuntary attraction between two chemically-compatible mates, could enhance the release of endorphins, which induce the feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Sex and pheromones are a grand combination that puts your endorphins into overdrive, and you lose that endorphin high when you’re not having sex.

Immune and Cardiovascular Health Risk

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There’s another reason why humans are predisposed to enjoy sex. It’s not just about procreation, but also the other health benefits you get to enjoy when you have sex regularly. Reaching an orgasm boosts your immune system. It releases the leukocyte levels in the blood, which helps you fight off infection much more effectively.

The whole sex act is also helpful in maintaining your cardiovascular health and metabolism. It involves almost every muscle in your body, and it increases your cardiorespiratory activity. It’s more like an aerobic workout if you think about it. Researchers say that on average, men and women burn more calories when having sex compared to running for 30 minutes. If you’re not having sex regularly, it’s like missing out on your cardio workouts, and that could have a detrimental effect on your cardiovascular health and your fitness goals.

Sexual Anxiety / Performance Anxiety

If you’ve ever had to go through a dry spell before, then you would know that the next time you’re intimate with someone, it could either go great, or it could be a massive disaster. The loss of intimacy and sex could affect your confidence, and it could inflate your expectations during sex. It could make you too excited, or too concerned and pressured to perform well that it affects your performance when it gets down to it.

This is not to scare you into thinking that you must have sex to have healthy mental and physical health, but it’s good to know that there are distinct benefits to having sex that you may have overlooked. If you’re not getting any action and you’re concerned about how this affects your mind and body, here’s what you can do to cope with your dry spell:

Pace yourself

Masturbation is the obvious band-aid solution to a dry spell, but completely relying on it and playing with yourself too much could be an issue. Overstimulation could desensitize you during the actual act of sex, and it could prevent you from enjoying sex in the future. Masturbation gives you the satisfaction you get from an orgasm, but that could make you want for the same level of stimulation during sex, which sometimes doesn’t happen.

Don’t overdo it. Pace yourself. Do it when you feel like you really need to, and not just go for it when you’re bored. That way, you can leave something on the table for when the opportunity to have sex comes along.

Be realistic

Most individuals use porn as their means for stimulation. While porn is great, don’t let it give you an overinflated sense of sex and expectations. That would only ruin your partner for you, and you for your partner. The occasional watching of porn is inevitable if you’re going through a dry spell, but remind yourself that it’s just an outlet for you. There’s nothing to learn from porn. It’s not a documentary. It’s not an instructional video. All it does is feed your fantasy, and it’s best if you understand and accept that it’s all it can ever give you.

Invest in yourself

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Most guys don’t realize that investing in yourself is the best thing you can do to increase your chances of getting out of the slump. The pandemic is the perfect opportunity for guys to glow up and be better than ever. Exercise, go on a diet, take the best supplements to enhance your performance and looks. If you haven’t been socializing for the last few months, then it would be a huge surprise to the people who know you if they see that you’ve changed how you look.

Remember, women had to go on lockdown too, and many have been deprived of sex in the last year, just like you. How great would it be if you had an amazing supplement like Male UltraCore to improve your sexual performance? Imagine not having sex for a year, and getting it on with someone who gives you the best lay of your life. You’d be unforgettable, and that’s the best return of investment when you work on yourself.

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