What Do You Really Need in Your Gym Bag

by Michael Griffin
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Going to the gym can be one of the best ways for you to be productive with your work out sessions. However, if you are new to going to the gym, you may not be sure what you need. While you don’t absolutely need anything besides your workout clothes when hitting the gym, there are some things that are highly recommended to put in your gym bag. If you have seen men hitting the gym with odd looking belts or high tech gear, don’t worry, you don’t need anything crazy. You just need some basic must-have gym bag accessories to help improve your productivity in the gym.

Bringing a Gym Belt

preview-full-preparing-gym-bagOne of the first things that you may want to put into your gym bag is a gym belt. This is a piece of equipment that you may benefit a lot from as long as you are using it correctly. You want to make sure you aren’t getting too used to using the belt that it doesn’t benefit you any longer. The point of wearing it is to help build stronger and harder back muscles. If you put the gym belt on all the time for just about any exercise you do, your lower back will be harmed and get weaker from doing that.

 Wearing Lifting Straps

You should also pack lifting straps into your gym bag as well. These can be used for many machines you will use with lifting weights. The majority of the use for these lifting straps should be for back weight lifting exercises. They can also benefit you when doing any of the lower-body work outs too. Your hands are often much weaker than the muscle group you are working out. If you are trying to increase the weight you lift, your hands may not hold up for you. The lifting straps help you to avoid this.


When going to the gym, you may want to listen to music while working out. This helps you to improve your focus on the work out and helps to push yourself more in the gym too. However, you want to make sure you have headphones that aren’t going to be in your way. Many gym members find that in-ear Bluetooth wireless headphones are the best for them. You may need to try out a few different types to see which ones work the best for you. Many gyms will have plug-ins on the machines for headphones so you can listen to and watch the televisions. These are generally in front of the treadmills and work out bikes.

Work Out Shoes

preview-full-0d8309c74815ac00_gym-bagYou should also make sure you pack work out shoes in your gym bag. There are many people who come in from the muddy outdoors and wear the same shoes in the gym that they wore outside. This gets the machines all dirty and the floor a bit wet as well. You do not want to be one of those guys. Make sure you have an extra pair of shoes in your gym bag that you only use for working out. The shoes you choose should be comfortable for you when doing any work outs.

Fitness Watch

There are many tech gadgets out there that can be used in the gym. However, all you really need is a fitness watch. Many of these can be worn all day every day so you can track your steps, heart rate and other things. However, if you choose to only wear it in the gym to track your work outs there, you should pack this in your gym bag. What do you really need in your gym bag? As long as you have the above-mentioned accessories and fitness pieces, you should be fine. There is no need to pack your gym bag full of things that won’t be used or that will just get in your way. Pack light and only use the essential gym necessities.

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