What Causes Adrenal Fatigue?

    exhausted man in office, adrenal fatigue

    Adrenal fatigue is a medical state related to stress that happens when your adrenal glands, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands are not working to their fullest. It can also exist after or during chronic infections. The primary symptom of this condition is fatigue that’s not eased by sleep. Adrenal fatigue leads to lower levels of some hormones and neurotransmitters. These changes can have an impact on every inch of the body. With this condition, you may look fine and behave fairly healthy as well. However, you actually live with this general sense of exhaustion.

    Adrenal glands are situated on top of your kidneys. Their main function is to generate and control cortisol, which is a stress hormone. These glands also manufacture fertility hormones, as well as neurotransmitters. The said hormones and neurotransmitters control your metabolism and communicate with other organs, such as your brain, kidneys, and reproductive system. Chronic stress can repress your adrenal glands that they’re not able to produce adequate quantity of these essential hormones.

    So, what are the causes of adrenal fatigue? Find out here:

    Emotional stress

    emotional stress, adrenal fatigueStress is the leading reason why adrenal fatigue happens in the first place. This may begin as a low-grade stress that appears easy to handle in the short term. Nevertheless, it can still have awful effects on your health in the long term.

    Poor diet

    Many people are fond of consuming sugary foods. When this happens, your body begins to generate more cortisol and less insulin. This is to make up for all the lost calories, which can stress your pancreas and adrenals. When your sugar intake is high, not only will you gain weight, you’ll also feel more exhausted due to the inefficient functioning of your adrenal glands.

    Inadequate shut-eye

    Your body needs a long, restful shut-eye in order to heal itself. Give yourself 7-8 hours every day and the likelihood that you’ll develop adrenal fatigue is low to zero.

    Chemicals and other contaminants

    Unfortunately, we’re exposed to so many of them. There’s toxin in our food, pollutants in the air, chlorine in water, pesticides in fruits and vegetables and so on. Consumption of these can lead to toxic overload and a lot of these chemicals straightforwardly interrupt your adrenal function.

    Chronic disease

    man with chronic migraine headache, adrenal fatigueWhatever chronic disease you suffer from, they ask more of what your adrenal glands can handle. Chronic conditions include asthma, arthritis, and diabetes. Other diseases such as Lyme disease and fibromyalgia could also cause your adrenal glands to deteriorate.

    Experiencing trauma

    Incidents of severe trauma can cause adrenal fatigue. Studies also show that circumstances that bring trauma have an impact on one’s hormonal balance and adrenal functions even several years after said trauma.

    Moreover, chronic stress can also cause adrenal fatigue. The sudden surging and dropping of stress hormones have several negative effects on the thyroid, such as that it slows the production of thyroid and leads to hypothyroidism symptoms. It even augments thyroid hormone resistance.

    When under stress, inflammatory immune cells called cytokines are secreted as a result. This makes the sensitivity of thyroid receptors lower to thyroid hormones. So, despite taking prescription drugs for your thyroid and your hormone levels being stable, you’ll still feel despondent due to the presence of underactive thyroid.



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