What Can Ashwagandha Do For You?

by Webmd Men Staff
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Ashwagandha is a natural supplement that helps in several areas of life. Specifically, it benefits the immune, endocrine, reproductive, and neurological systems. And, this natural medication keeps you healthy without taking the manmade medications that can have awful side effects.

But that’s not all. There are plenty of other benefits to Ashwagandha. Check them out below.

Ashwagandha helps promote good thyroid functions.

This natural supplement is incredibly helpful in balancing out under-active and overactive thyroid issues. Instead of taking levothyroxine or synthroid once daily, those with thyroid problems can now take Ashwagandha instead.

Ashwagandha gets rid of adrenal fatigue.

This natural supplement helps your adrenal glands out quite a bit. Adrenals are endocrine glands that release the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Both hormones help regulate and control stress, so when the adrenals are fatigued, it’s harder to combat such issues.

Typically, when the body is overwhelmed emotionally, mentally, or physically, the adrenals become tired. And when they’re tired, they tend to stop other hormones from doing their job. For example, if the hormone progesterone is out of balance, people may not be very fertile, leading to an extremely low chance of getting pregnant.

Ashwagandha lessens stress and anxiety.

calm and relaxed woman without stress, AshwagandhaThis natural supplement is a phenomenal natural remedy for combating stress and anxiety. It’s actually said to help the body the same way the drug known as lorazepam does, except without all those nasty side effects. And, Ashwagandha also helps out in other areas of the brain, such as improving concentration, increasing social awareness and ridding the body of social anxieties, getting rid of that fatigue feeling, and ensuring increased vitality.

Plus, Ashwagandha has little to no side effects; This natural supplement won’t have you experiencing drowsiness, the inability to sleep, decrease your sex drive, or increase your eating habits, whereas other pharmaceutical drugs may.

Ashwagandha helps lessen depression.

This natural supplement helps increase our tolerance for stress. So, when stress or hormone imbalances throw off your mental balance and increase your depression, Ashwagandha will be there to stabilize you. The mood stabilization properties it carries with it are great, so long as you take the supplement consistently.

Ashwagandha helps balance blood sugar levels.

This natural supplement can help out diabetics, a lot. As a matter of fact, Ashwagandha does a great job at returning blood sugar levels back to normal. You’re probably wondering how? Well, it helps the body adapt and become less sensitive to insulin, while at the same time reducing inflammation brought on by sugar.

Ashwagandha shoos away cancer.

This natural supplement fights tumors with all its might. By making sure tumors are reduced in size, and by ridding the body of cancer cells, and stopping their growth, Ashwagandha becomes a great soldier against cancer. Specifically, Ashwagandha helps those with breast, colon, lung, and stomach cancers.

Ashwagandha fights against cancer by having great immune-boosting properties, and by supplying the body with sufficient antioxidants. The white blood cell count of those that take Ashwagandha regularly is much higher than that of a person who doesn’t take the supplement. And, for example, because treatments like chemotherapy rid the body of good and bad white blood cells, taking Ashwagandha afterwards would greatly impact the cancer patients’ life.

Ashwagandha helps our memory out.

alert student with good memory having idea, AshwagandhaThis natural supplement helps out with stress, as mentioned above. But, when we get stressed out, whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally, our brains and nervous systems lash out on us and allow for the memory to be affected. Ashwagandha reverses that; Instead of losing memory, the supplement actually improves memory, both long-term and short term. Along with these benefits comes improvement in cognitive skills, too.

Ashwagandha aids in a healthy immune system.

This natural supplement, as said several times before, helps reduce stress and rids your body of inflammation. Along with that, it secures a healthy immune system. It does all of this by supplying the body with adequate immunoglobulin. I feel like these benefits just keep getting better and better.

Ashwagandha increases the body’s ability to be alert.

This natural supplement increases endurance tenfold. Workout out, doing exercises, and performing any type of physical activity is easier when Ashwagandha is taken daily. The supplement gives the body a natural energy boost, while assuring the body stays calm and stress free. And, it’s also a natural motivation mechanism.

Ashwagandha helps your muscle gains.

This natural supplement helps out with your muscle gains by not only increasing endurance while working out, but also by improving and increasing mass and strength. Specifically, it can help those of you that are interested in, or those of you that are doing, resistance training. But remember, you have to be consistent and take it every day for these benefits to happen. To add, Ashwagandha helps losing that extra fatty weight, and helps increase testosterone production in men.

Ashwagandha improves fertility and sexual functions.

This natural supplement acts as an aphrodisiac. In other words, it gets you horny. In particular, it helps fertility in men, and enhances sexual function and feeling. Ashwagandha is also likely to increase lubrication and orgasm.


But really, these awesome benefits are quite endless. They target every area of the body in only good ways. No side effects accompany it, and only minimal reactions may occur, and that’s a big if. Boosting the immune system, helping out other systems, raising fertility, growing those muscles, need I say more? I think I’ve helped you enough today with all my awesome beneficial aspects of Ashwagandha. J

Now, go get some Ashwagandha! See how you’re life will change, and be ecstatic when you start experiencing such good added aspects of your life. There’s not another supplement that I would recommend more, I mean hey, I take it everyday. Now it’s your turn.

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