Vaso Ultra by RAS – Protodexx Matrix Complex Review: Is it a scam?

    Vaso Ultra by RAS – Protodexx Matrix Complex Analysis


    RAS sells Vaso Ultra as a supplement which amplifies arousal; intensifies sensation; and heightens orgasm. They say it will boost stamina; elevate sexual confidence; and foster the libido.

    The manufacturer further claims this formula will improve erection quality; magnify erection frequency; and increase penis size. RAS asserts that these highly effective properties are completely safe and 100% natural.


    Vaso Ultra by RAS – Protodexx Matrix Complex Components and Functions


    Tribulus Terrestris also can be found listed as Goat’s Head Weed on numerous sexual enhancement products. It improves the motility of sperm; intensifies erections; and decreases erectile dysfunction by amplifying the libido.

    vasoultra-ingredients-tribulus-terrestrisL-Citrulline was found to intensify the levels of L-Arginine. This action amplified energy and shrank the time needed between each sexual encounter. This amino acid acted to assist in correcting erectile dysfunction through several pathways.

    L-Arginine belongs to a family of amino acids which are responsible for protein and testosterone synthesis. It has also been found to boost nitric oxide levels. These functions have been clinically documented to magnify the size and firmness of erections.

    Tongkat Ali, sometimes referred to as Eurycoma Longifolia, can be found in millions of products designed to enhance male health. It improves sperm by strengthening its potency and elevates testosterone to correct issues associated with low levels. Eurycoma facilitates hormone conversion such as DHEA into testosterone.

    Maca root is an ancient Peruvian plant referred to as Lepidium meyenii that was applied to medicinal practice by cultures native to the area to strengthen physical warrior performance. It has been clinically proven to magnify stamina; amplify energy levels; and intensify sexual desire. This root was also shown to boost strength; elevate endurance; and incite muscle growth.


    Vaso Ultra by RAS – Protodexx Matrix Complex Directions


    The company advises consumers to take two tablets a day on an empty stomach.


    Vaso Ultra by RAS – Protodexx Matrix Complex Upsides and Downsides


    Vaso Ultra by RAS – Protodexx Matrix Complex Upsides


    The production facility is located in the United States.

    There have been scientific tests on each ingredient in this complex.

    A 60-day reimbursement policy is included with this supplement.

    A multi-purchase discount is offered by the company.

    Vaso Ultra by RAS – Protodexx Matrix Complex Downsides


    This product has very few buyer testimonials.

    No clinical tests have been performed on the post market formula.

    Most shoppers were highly dissatisfied.

    Users may be required to consume this supplement for three months before seeing max results.

    An auto email tool is provided on the company website, but no contact info.


    Vaso Ultra by RAS – Protodexx Matrix Complex Purchase Location


    The 1-month package of this complexcan be ordered from Amazon or the official website for $40. The 3-month package is $80; a 5-month package costs $120; and the 7-month package runs $160.


    Vaso Ultra by RAS – Protodexx Matrix Complex Final Vote


    This enhancement solution is not anadvisable purchase because there is very little shopper testimony for it. The reimbursement policy is good for two months, but the company says it takes three receive optimal effects.


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