Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 BCAA Supplement Review: Is it Effective?

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    Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 BCAA Supplement Summary

    Universal Nutrition claims that Atomic 7 BCAA will enhance athletic performance; boost endurance; and amplify gym gains. They say their formula will spur muscle repair; maximize recovery; and intensify stamina.
    The company further asserts that this product was designed to promote muscles growth; magnify protein synthesis; and reduce muscle catabolism. This assessment is to review the manufacturer’s testimony and compare it to the available scientific data for the ingredients.

    Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 BCAA Supplement Ingredients and Functions


    L-Isoleucine can enhance muscle protein synthesis; increase energy through glucose use; and boost physical performance. Studies have shown that this essential amino acid can elevate muscle mass; reduce recovery time; and prevent muscle breakdown. It may be found in supplements aimed especially men under intense training. L-Isoleucine is also beneficial during inactive periods to maintain muscle structure; support strength; and promote function.
    L-Leucine is an essential amino acid which is often found in supplements for body builders and the aging. This is because it incites muscle protein synthesis; prevents its breakdown; and maintains proper function. It can also trigger the release of pancreatic insulin; increase glucose uptake without insulin; and boost energy levels. L-Leucine was found to aid weight loss; stimulate fat burning; and amplify stamina.
    L-Valine is one of three essential amino acids required in high amounts after the body has been under physical stress. It enhances muscle mass; maximizes recovery; and promotes endurance. It is often included in many types of male enhancement products. L-Valine is also known to boost the immune system; reduce stress; and suppress the appetite.
    L-Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid which plays a starring role in many bodily functions. It was found to promote protein synthesis; spur fat burning mechanisms; and increases proper digestion. L-Glutamine stimulates muscle growth; amplifies cognition; and improves athletic performance; It is said to boost energy levels; magnify endurance; and balance glucose.

    Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 BCAA Supplement Dosage

    The package directs users to mix one scoop of this powder with 8 to 10 ounces of desired beverage. For best results, this should be consumed before and after workout.

    Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 BCAA Supplement Pros and Cons


    Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 BCAA Supplement Pros

    Every ingredient in this formula have been scientifically scrutinized individually.
    This product has been reviewed in a positive light by consumers.

    Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 BCAA Supplement Cons

    The end product has never undergone clinical trials.
    This company does not provide any type of refund policy.
    There is not much user testimony about this supplement.
    Customers have complained that there is some decency concerning the contents and number of servings.
    Another common grievance is that this formula tastes horrible.

    Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 BCAA Supplement Shop Spot

    This product can be obtained from Amazon, the official website, and many body building webpages.

    Universal Nutrition Atomic 7 BCAA Supplement Conclusion

    The post market product has not been through any clinical trials and the company offers no reimbursement policy.


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