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True Slim Tea Review: How Harmless and Efficient is the Product?

True Slim Tea Review: How Harmless and Efficient is the Product?



True Slim Tea has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is equipped with natural herbal components, such as Bamboo Leaf. It purifies the digestive system if you drink it regularly. A clean digestive system means decreased bloating, improved metabolism, and less fat deposits. It was created by master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen, known for his compilation of Encyclopedia of Herbs. It is available in regular and extra strength types.


These are the only listed ingredients as posted on the website:True Slim Tea Ingredients

Natural Oriental Herbs and MalvaVerticellata

How does it work?

True Slim Tea can be used to promote weight loss naturally with its herbal formulation. This is because regular consumption of this enhances bowel movements. Through this, the colon is purified and toxins are eliminated. You can drink one cup after a meal. It is not advisable to drink more than 2 cups of tea each day. The regular tea type is priced at about $4.29 for 30 bags, while the extra strength type is priced at $2.99 for 12 bags. Purchase can be done directly at


The person behind this product is master herbalist Li-Si-Zhen. He’s a prominent figure in the world of herbology

Purchase of this tea is safe thanks to the availability of secure payment checkout

Offers international shipping

It has two options – regular or extra strength

Formulation is free of caffeine

Not pricey


There’s limited information about the product

Absence of refund and free samples

The specific components aren’t disclosed

It’s unclear if there are any contraindications

It would be better if there were further details on every ingredient


True Slim Tea, as mentioned, is available with two options: regular and extra strength. Containing herbal blend, this product promotes natural weight loss by increasing the Weight Loss Teametabolism, delicately purifying the digestive system, and eliminate fat deposits. However, there are no clinical studies and trials to back this up, as well as more thorough data to prove its claimed efficiency.

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