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Top 5 Supplements You Need to be Taking to Survive the 21st Century

Top 5 Supplements You Need to be Taking to Survive the 21st Century

It’s a crazy world out there. As a human race, we have never been more stressed out. We are being exposed to a whole host of chemicals that didn’t even exist 50 years ago. Between the polluted air and the polluted oceans, we need to do everything we can to keep ourselves in tip top shape. Keep these supplements in your medicine cabinet and you are guaranteed to survive anything that comes your way.

Omega 3’s

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of omega 3s. The reason why we’ve all become deficient is not because we’re not eating enough fish. It’s because we’re eating too much hydrogenated oil which is extremely high in omega 6, especially canola oil. It’s all about getting the ratio right. By lessening your intake of omega 6 and increasing your omega 3, you’ll be sure to be getting the right balance. For starters, eliminate all that crappy oil. Sunflower, canola, corn oil etc..are basically like battery acid in the body. No bueno. Replace them with coconut, avocado and olive oil and add in a plant-based omega 3 supplement. Why plant based? It’s because the straight fish oil has high levels of mercury in it. Also no bueno.


You might be noticing a lot of info popping up about gut health recently. Why are people all of a sudden not digesting properly? There are several reasons, but one big piece of the puzzle is zinc deficiency. Our soil is not the same soil it was 50 years ago. It’s no longer rich in minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium etc…Zinc is crucial for stomach acid and without it, you will begin to develop digestive issues. Go for a zinc sulfate or picolinate once a day.


Another crucial element for healthy digestion. The produce we get in the store has been sterilized and the microbes have been washed away. We aren’t getting the same bugs in us as our parents did. To remedy this, get a high quality probiotic in your daily regimen. Get at least 10 billion cfu per day and start getting those good guys in your tummy.


Just like zinc, we’re sorely missing out on magnesium. Our food is depleted, so we need to make up for it! Magnesium is critical for bone health and your nervous system. The highest source of magnesium is spinach as well as cocoa powder. If that’s not really your thing, go for a Magnesium Glycinate in either a pill or powder form.


B12 is critical for liver function and for your nervous system. Since we’re living in stressful times, we need more B12 than usual. If you don’t eat meat, you can bet you are low in this critical nutrient.  Shellfish is particularly high in B12, but you should really be supplementing this in order to get it in your body everyday. Find a methylcobalamin plus adenosylcobalamin blend.


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