Tips for Clearer, Younger Looking Skin

Tips for Clearer, Younger Looking Skin

Trying to ward off adult acne or prevent aging, but don’t know where to begin? Here is your one stop guide to simple men’s skin care to keep you clear and looking young. Here is your first tip: you don’t need an entire arsenal of twenty expensive products haunting your girlfriend’s medicine cabinet. It’s proven that too many chemical products can actually hurt skin more than it can help. The key is in consistency.

Wash Up

It has long been disputed how many times you should wash your face if you are experiencing problem skin. Universally, everyone should wash their face once in the morning and once at night. No more, no less. While washing wipes away the dirt and debris from the day, over doing it can dry out skin and cause it to be reddened or irritated by cleansers. Over drying can actually lead to more
oil or greasiness, because your skin will start to over compensate to try and rebalance your skin.

Make it like Butter

Though it may seem a little much, getting a good face lotion is essential for men’s skin care. After cleansing, apply moisturizer to help seal in the moisture from your cleanse. An oil-based lotion is recommended for men with normal skin, if you suffer from oily skin or are acne- prone opt for a water-based moisturizer.

Stay Hydrated

Hydrate skin from the inside out by drinking at least 42 oz of water per day, that’s approximately six glasses. Any beverages with caffeine are diuretics that leach water from your body causing dehydration. Try to avoid too much coffee or energy drinks and stick to water.


Even if you don’t have crows feet and wrinkle lines yet, even late 20s is not too early to start being conscious. Incorporating a daily retinol cream can improve even non-aging skin by boosting collagen production.  When purchasing a moisturizer try looking for a 2-in-1 to limit the amount of products you’ll need.  The sun is the number one enemy to skin. So make sure to wear sun screen when exposed and stay clear of too much direct facial exposure by wearing a hat on beach days.

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