The Sexiest Colognes For Her Nose

by Webmd Men Staff
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5 seconds. That’s all it takes to become more attractive. But, this increase in attractiveness doesn’t come from your looks or a humorous elf controlling your jokes, no, it comes from your smell.

Not only is smell the strongest of our five senses but it is also the sense linked to the most memories. So, if she’s loving your scent, she’ll remember you for years.

At the end of this article, you’ll find the best of these eight fragrances that sit on the peak of men’s colognes.


#8: Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Featuring a 3 oz. bottle that looks like a silver and black grenade, Spicebomb is awesome for a night hopping from bar to bar or heading to your favorite club. This fragrance is so potent that reviewers have left warnings about women’s attachment. Spicebomb is a strong scent that may irritate some people’s noses, but this mixture of grapefruit, elemi, pink pepper, bergamot, cinnamon, saffron, chili pepper, vetiver, leather, and tobacco is what the ladies like. If the reviewers are adding a disclaimer, you know you’re in good hands.

#7: Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, sexiest colognesLe Male is used when you’re tired of fitting in. When you’re ready to make a statement and have some wild nights with your potential wife, Le Male is the fragrance to choose. An affordable cologne, Le Male is a bittersweet, warm and minty scent full of contrasting aromas. With a spicy-sweet blend of pink pepper, vanilla, amber musk, and grapefruit she’ll be in your arms faster than you can add another spray.

#6: L’Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent

For those summer days when she’s hanging out at the beach, L’Homme Ultime has your back. This light scent is a bit more pricey, but that price tag is well-deserved and expected from a YSL fragrance. Created with her in mind, this spicy, fruity, woody scent will have her mind spinning. Right in your direction. You may need to apply another coating after a couple of hours to boost those grapefruit, cedar, and ginger aromas to the max. Enjoy your summer evenings with your dream woman.

#5: Man by Jimmy Choo

The ultimate in masculine scents, Man, is nicknamed the “ladykiller”. By customers. Boasting an upper, middle, and base tone, she won’t know what she’s gotten herself into with this mellow scent. The upper tone features a sweet mix of honeydew and lavender, the middle; spicy black pepper and davana oil; the base, tonka beans, which are known as an aphrodisiac TK. Whether she’s into spicy or sweet she’s guaranteed to get both in this versatile mixture that’ll convince her to come into your life. And never leave.

#4: Sauvage for Men by Christian Dior

Save up your money for this one. Sauvage is a unique scent that’ll etch you in her mind for a long time to come. Whether you’re at work or play, this crisp and spicy manly scent will leave an impression on everyone you come into contact with. Especially the ladies. Buy from authentic retailers, because a knockoff just won’t do this one-of-a-kind cologne justice.

#3: 1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne

1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne, sexiest colognesPackaged in a gold bottle that’ll make you feel like a million-dollar man, 1 Million Cologne lasts all day and can be used during the summer or winter. This sophisticated fragrance has separated itself from its predecessor with a three-punch formula of rose, cinnamon and peppermint, and leather as the final blow. When purchasing, make sure to look for “Cologne” attached to the end, so you’ll get this one and not the original. They’re packaged similarly and you don’t want to miss out on the ability to wear this scent anywhere. For compliments that’ll swell your head and heavy pockets because of its affordability, 1 Million Cologne was made to set you up for success. Financially and with the ladies.

#2: Eros by Versace

Named for the Eros, the Greek God of love and fertility, this sexy fragrance can be used any time. With a vibrant, clean mix of geranium, mint leaves, Italian lemon zest, tonka beans, green apple amber, vetiver, oak moss, and cedarwood, not only will this scent make her want to remove your clothes, but it might make her hungry, too. This low-key scent won’t overpower the room, but lure it into a trance. If she becomes entranced, you’ll know which God is looking out for you.


And finally, the cologne that even outranks a Greek God…

#1: La Nuit De L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Intoxicating. If you had to describe La Nuit De L’homme in one word, that is the only word that would come to mind. With a gentle and sweet, yet masculine, fragrance that lingers, this versatile mixture of layered aromas is… intoxicating. The first aroma is spicy cardamom, which gently morphs into sweet bergamot, and then sighs into relaxing lavender. At least those are the words she’ll use. Able to be worn at all times, you may find your hands full with all of the women begging to get a whiff.

What better way is there to create a memory but by hypnotism? With La Nuit De L’lomme, i.e. The Night of the Man, you’ll find there is no other.

These are the leaders of the men’s cologne industry. You, too, can be a leader.

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