The Importance of Physical Fitness

    Fitness refers to both the physical and mental state of a person. A physically fit but mentally unwell person will not function well or will have limitations.

    Physical and mental health are essential in a person’s life. Being physically and mentally fit reduce your risks of having serious medical conditions. It also allows you to live life to the full.

    The Need to be Physically Fit

    Physical fitness is having a healthy and strong body. It means having the energy and strength to perform all your tasks easily. It helps eliminate the stress that results in having a relaxed mind. If you are physically fit, you are less likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, and other debilitating diseases and can maintain your weight. In other words, being physically fit makes you healthier.

    The mind synchronizes with your physically fit body. A physically active person maintains a stress-free state of mind. When your body and mind are sound, you can handle difficult times well and do not succumb to depression easily.

    People have different reasons for getting fit physically. A professional sportsman may engage in higher levels of physical workouts compared to an older person whose main goal is to be independent.  It offers numerous advantages for your body, mind, and soul.


    •   Healthy heart

    A healthy heart is necessary for your overall wellbeing. Workouts help maintain your blood pressure and stop fat from blocking your arteries so your cardiovascular system can work properly. Aerobics is an exceptionally good fitness exercise for your heart.


    •   Litheness

    Physical fitness makes you more agile and flexible. Stretching exercises like Yoga and Pilates are great for all ages. These exercises help you become independent throughout your life and help you do normal activities that require carrying items, bending, lifting and stretching.


    •   Emotional health

    Physical fitness cultivates willpower, motivation, endurance, honesty, and uprightness. These good qualities you developed with exercise enhance your emotional health.


    • Mental health

    An inactive routine makes you lethargic, slows down your brain, makes you inattentive, and out of focus. Workout prevents this because blood pumps in your body and mind when you exercise. You sleep well and soundly, too, that considerably improves your mental health.


    •   Social life

    You are able to participate in sports and social events and can work in a variety of jobs. It builds up your self-confidence and boosts your interpersonal relationships with your family, friends, workplace, people in your community, and the general public.


    •   Become independent

    Being physically fit makes you independent, particularly in the later years of life. Most senior people want to do things on their own like shopping, cooking, bathing, traveling, etc. until their 80s or even 90s. Making physical fitness a part of your daily activities can help you attain this goal. Additionally, you can assist those who are not physically fit.


    •   Satisfaction/Fulfillment

    You get the feeling of satisfaction if you are physically fit. Being fit makes you strong and healthy, enables you to play and run with your kids, do sports, heavy chores, and other activities requiring physical movements. You get a sense of fulfillment because you can serve and help your family, friends, coworkers, and be independent.


    How to increase physical activity

    Medical professionals and researchers recommend having moderate-intensity physical activity for 30 minutes every day. You can start by incorporating small changes in your daily activity.


    1.   If the shop is not too far from home, walk or cycle instead of using your car. 
    1.   Get up and walk; enough of that oversleeping. Walking in the morning gets your body worked up. Walk your children to school. Walk to the bus stop.
    1.   Use the stairs instead of the elevator when going up or down the next floor.
    1.   Stand up and do some stretching if your work requires you to sit most of the time.
    1.   Walk to get coffee or water instead of rolling your chair or asking someone to do it for you.
    1.   Find time to do other chores that require physical movements instead of lolling on the sofa.
    1.   Performing any physical activity is essential for your health. It is better than being sedentary. If you have zero physical activity, start now and increase it gradually.


    Make physical activity a part of your daily routine (7 days of the week). Choose the degree of physical activity you want to do from the following:

    • Moderate intensity – at least 2 ½ to 5 hours
    • Vigorous-intensity – at least 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours
    • Or a combination of both
    • Strengthening workouts – 2 days per week 

    Some may need to see a medical practitioner prior to starting a workout routine. A pre-workout screening determines the capability of a person, as well as identifies those with medical conditions. It is a safety precaution to visit your doctor if you have an existing health issue, so you will know the exercises perfect in your situation. Who needs a pre-screening?


    If you —


    • are more than 45 years olds
    • have a heart condition or suspect to have a heart disease
    • high risk for heart disease
    • experience chest pain doing physical activities
    • feel breathless doing moderate physical activity
    • pregnant


    Changing Your Lifestyle

    You need to change your lifestyle to become physically fit. Check the following tips:


    protein rich snack/ food

    • Include a regular workout routine everyday.
    • Eat healthy. Avoid colas and junk foods.
    • Quit smoking and alcoholic drinks.
    • Get adequate sleep and rest.
    • Spend time outside get Vitamin from the sun and get fresh air, particularly if you walk in the community park.
    • Do other physical activities like swimming, biking, walking, hiking, jogging, etc.
    • Play basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis with your kids.



    You do not need to enroll in a gym class or fitness center to become fit physically. Workouts can happen even inside your home, in the garden, in the park, and even in the office.

    Physical fitness gives you not only health benefits. It enables you to perform more, think better, boost your morale, enhance your memory, focus, and offers you significant social and cognitive benefits. It helps you stay active, energetic, and flexible even as you age.

    Whatever your goals are, the importance of physical fitness in your life cannot be denied. Live a healthy lifestyle and see how it changes your body, mind, mood, and attitude and become a good example of health and wellness.



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