The Best Way to Produce Offspring With Healthy Genes

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            If you don’t want your children to suffer from health issues like diabetes and obesity, there’s an excellent way to make it happen. All you need to do is to exercise regularly. Not only does that benefit you, but it will also help you produce healthy kids.

            Results of a new study indicate that when fathers get into shape before conceiving children, their offspring have better chances of having healthier genes. Read on to learn more about this interesting new study and find out how you can benefit from regular physical activities.

Sedentary Fathers Put Their Children at Risk of Diabetes

            According to a recent study, when you follow a poor diet before fathering children, this can alter your sperm in such a way that your child becomes at risk for metabolic diseases. Although the study was conducted on mice models and not on humans, there are a lot of insights to be gained from the results of the study.

            The researchers found that when the father’s diet consists of high amounts of fat, the resulting offspring suffer from impaired glucose tolerance and high percentages of fat mass. Glucose intolerance and a high level of body fat are actually signs of diabetes.

            On the other hand, when the father is engaged in regular exercise, it can negate the adverse effects of a high-fat diet on their offspring. Exercising even just a month before conceiving can already have significant positive effects on the offspring’s genes.

The Best Way to Produce Offspring With Healthy Genes            What’s even more striking is that the researchers found that changes in sperm physiology accompanied these changes in the phenotypes of the offspring. The researchers noted, for instance, that a high-fat diet led to a reduction in sperm motility. However, this reduction was corrected when the fathers were subjected to exercise training.

            Furthermore, the researchers observed that paternal exercise training resulted in pronounced positive effects on the sperm genetic material, which may help explain why the offspring of physically active fathers have healthier genes and better metabolic health.

            The researchers conclude that exercise training has positive effects on the father’s sperm genetic material, and these effects have the potential to change or influence the phenotype of their offspring.

Exercise and Your Reproductive Health

            Exercising improves not only your cardiovascular health. It also enhances your erectile function as well as your reproductive health. Many studies have shown that regular physical activities improve erection in men with erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise is also strongly associated with improved fertility.

            For one, regular physical activities can help improve your hormone levels, especially your testosterone levels. You’ll need a sufficiently high testosterone level in order to maintain your fertility. However, when your testosterone levels are low, as is common among sedentary men, it will negatively impact your fertility as well as your sexual functioning.

            Exercise is also tied to improved sperm parameters. Moderate-intensity exercises can help raise your sperm count, increase your sperm concentration, and improve your sperm quality.

            Another benefit of regular exercise on your reproductive health is that it can help increase your seminal antioxidant levels while reducing your oxidative stress levels. Your seminal antioxidant defense is important for protecting your sperm from oxidative damage.

            Low seminal antioxidant levels are often tied to poor sperm motility, higher numbers of sperm with abnormal shape or size, and higher percentages of sperm with damaged genetic material. That’s because high oxidative stress levels can lead to damage to your sperm’s structure, functions, and DNA material.

            Increasing your seminal antioxidant levels is important for your sperm’s DNA integrity. Many types of free radicals and reactive oxygen species are able to attack the cell membrane of your sperm. Once the structural integrity of your sperm cell membrane is damaged, the DNA material inside becomes vulnerable to oxidative stress.

            Oxidative stress can cause your sperm’s genetic material to become damaged and fragmented. It may also lead to chromosomal alterations, which can then lead to birth defects or developmental abnormalities in the offspring.

            Engaging in physical activities is also good for your testicular health. Since your testosterone levels and antioxidant capacity increase when you exercise, it enables your testicles to continue to function normally.

            The increased antioxidant levels in your testicles also protect your testicular cells from being damaged by oxidative stress. This can also help prevent testicular atrophy or the shrinking of your testicles caused by testicular cell death and reduced testicular functions.

            Exercises that are good for male fertility include moderate-intensity continuous training like jogging or walking for half an hour 3-4 times a week. High-intensity continuous training and high-intensity interval training are also good for improving your physical condition and reproductive health.

The Best Way to Produce Offspring With Healthy Genes            When you engage in regular physical activities, whether moderate or high-intensity, it can help you manage your weight better and improve your BMI and fat mass. These also contribute to improved fertility and better sperm quality.

            In addition, regular exercise can help improve your drive for sex and erectile function. When your testosterone levels improve, it’s usually accompanied by an increase in libido since your sex drive is mainly influenced by your sex hormone levels.

            Your ability to achieve erections is also closely tied to your testosterone levels. Furthermore, the positive effects on your cardiovascular system that you gain from exercising also contribute to an improved erectile function.

Increasing Your Fertility

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