The Best Options Available When Eating Fast Food

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When it comes to maintaining a balanced healthy diet, a fast food restaurant is one of the last places we would look. The unfortunate truth however is that not everyone has the time, energy or money to purchase and prepare their own foods. The fast food industry is one that is huge and still is booming thanks to our tendencies to want something fast, convenient and at a low price.

While these fast food restaurants are not the ideal places to seek out a nutritional meal, many of them now do have some healthy options thanks to consumer pressure for something alternative. If you are ever in a situation where you absolutely have no other options but fast food, do not worry we have found some decent options at many of the major franchises across the globe.


Fast Food Choices for Breakfast

fast food staples, burger, pizza, friesThe vast majority of people who seek to lose weight and keep it off are able to do so with the help of a healthy breakfast.

Mcdonald’s- Mcdonalds offers some healthy options for breakfast like their oatmeal with apples, plain egg mcmuffins, black coffee and fruit or applesauce. Oatmeal is the best choice here, providing you with fiber, carbohydrates, good fats and vitamins and minerals from the apple as well.

Dunkin Donuts- One thing I’ve noticed about dunkin’ donuts lately is that they are now carrying bananas, which is one healthy option when it comes to breakfast. Their turkey egg white sandwich is also a decent alternative for healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Of course they serve coffee here as well, which is a great choice when it comes to breakfast drinks.

Starbucks-Starbucks has one of the most healthy options out of the bunch with its egg white, spinach and feta wrap. This along with one of their famous cups of coffee gives you a well balanced breakfast chock full of protein, antioxidants, fats and carbohydrates which your body needs to function.


Healthy Alternatives for Lunch

When considering getting takeout or fast food for lunch, the main thing we want to avoid are sodas and sugary drinks. Not only are these unhealthy, full of an excessive amount of sugar consuming them doesn’t have the same effect on our bodies as eating a meal has. At least when you consume an unhealthy meal your body will feel full for a period of time.

This is not the case with sugary drinks, in fact the opposite happens, your brain is left thinking that you haven’t consumed enough calories, leaving you to go back for more. Opt for a glass of water or ginger ale instead.

Subway- Opt for a smaller 6 inch sub sandwich for better portion control. The healthiest sandwich options at subway are the vegetarian sub, ham ,chicken or turkey subs on wheat or 9 grain bread. Pack on as many vegetables as you want, they will both fill you up and provide you with vitamins and minerals that you need. Spinach is the most nutritional item on the menu at Subway.

McDonald’s-Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich, side salad or a honey mustard chicken chipotle wrap are all good options here.

Taco Bell- Two bean burritos fresco or steak hard tacos with a side of pinto beans.


Dinner Options When Considering Healthy Fast Food

healthier fast food burger with friesWhen choosing a healthy dinner from a fast food restaurant, keep sugary drinks in mind like we did with lunch. They by far and away will be the thing we want to avoid most. Again like with lunch we are going to stick with meals that have lean proteins, vegetables and not too many condiments.

Burger King-Double Whopper Junior with extra lettuce and tomato, side of apple fries.

Papa John’s Pizza-Garden Fresh Pizza(2 Slices) on whole wheat thin crust or one slice of garden fresh pizza and one breadstick dipped in sauce.

KFC-Grilled chicken breast with either a side salad and green beans, side salad and corn on the cob, or green beans and corn on the cob.


Stay Away From Sugary Drinks and Greasy Food!

In case we forget the best options available during our visit to one of these fine establishments, keep in mind that anything excessively greasy or any type of sugary drink are things we want to generally avoid. Stick to lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains when and if possible.


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