The Advantages of a Treadmill and a StairMaster

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Sometimes it can be challenging to find the right workout routine that works for you. There are various types of machines and equipment used to exercise a person’s body. However, the two most popular machines people use at any gym are a treadmill and StairMaster. Both pieces of equipment will give a person’s body an excellent workout, but each target and work different parts of the body. Some people prefer a treadmill over a StairMaster due to the workout that the machine gives. But which machine works efficiently to provide a person a more targeted, and thus, intense and calorie burning workout? Here are the advantages of both the treadmill and the StairMaster:


Most people use a treadmill as an expedient way to run without going out into nature and enduring the weather. Treadmills can be an essential part of your exercise routine. Since treadmills allow you to have a cardio workout, you can maintain a healthy physique as well as stay fit. Nearly all treadmills have settings that allow people to set different inclines on a treadmill. Setting an incline can increase the difficulty which will result in more calories burned. Additionally, many treadmills feature digital trackers which can track your pulse,  your mileage, and how many calories you burned. Therefore, treadmills make working out easy by providing different levels of difficulty and a board range of customizations for people.

  1. You’ll lose weight

It’s no surprise that by running on a treadmill, you’ll lose weight. In fact, in just one hour you can burn up to 1200 calories also if you run while on an incline you’re likely to burn even more. Running on an incline can in addition to burning calories improve your metabolism which will increase the rate at which your body will lose weight. If you want to lose weight on a treadmill, it’s suggested that you run on an incline on a treadmill. However, the intensity and the length of time you choose should be an amount you’re capable of handling.

  1. Enhances heart health

Treadmills provide numerous cardiovascular benefits even if you decide to walk. Walking or running on a treadmill aids in the movement of blood which in return decreases pressure on the heart. Performing exercises like walking or running on a treadmill can decrease the risk of “bad” cholesterol and diminish the chance of heart disease. If you’re at risk for heart disease or have cholesterol issues, it might be beneficial to you to step on a treadmill.

  1. Tones muscles  

The Advantages of a Treadmill and a StairMasterWhen you use a treadmill, you’ll work out various parts of your body, which over time will result in a toned body. People you’ve used a treadmill before have probably seen muscle toning in their calves, hamstrings, and even their shins. Due to your toned muscles, you’re likely to have increased endurance from the time spent working out. Increased endurance can help intensify a workout routine and grow the calorie burning potential.


The StairMaster is a machine that prompts a person to climb stairs. While it may seem unconventional, it’s an excellent way to get a cardiovascular workout. The StairMaster is a perfect way to create leg strength. Some people might not believe in its calorie-burning potential, but if you use the StairMaster for an hour, you can burn up to 400 calories. Depending on your intensity you may even burn more calories. Therefore, the StairMaster is an excellent addition to any workout routine due to its calorie burning potential and its muscle strengthening possibilities.

  1. Perfect for working out the lower body   

Unlike other machines, the StairMaster works out the lower body the best. The StairMaster targets the calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads to produce a muscle strengthening and calorie-burning exercise.  In fact, because of the climbing counteraction that a person performs muscle mass is produced, and their legs are likely strengthened. Additionally, people are known to burn fat due to the stepping and climbing motion. Burning fat can help a person when he or she is trying to lose weight. Therefore, not only is StairMaster effective but it works to target a person’s problem areas the most.

  1. Low-impact

Running a treadmill might be easy and convenient, but it’s harmful to your joints. However, the StairMaster is a low-impact exercise, and thus, is not dangerous to your joint health. If you exercise on a StairMaster, you’re less likely to succumb to a fitness-related injury. Therefore, using a StairMaster on a daily basis will improve your joint health by protecting your joints and overtime boosting their condition. If you have painful joints, but you still want to exercise it might be beneficial to you to try a StairMaster.

  1. Enhances core muscles  

The Advantages of a Treadmill and a StairMasterWhile it’s true that the StairMaster targets the lower body rather than the upper body, however, the StairMaster does work out the core muscles. If you preserve proper posture when you step and climb you’ll work out the core when you work out the core muscles, you’re likely to receive a more intense workout as well as a toned core if you work out over a period of time. In addition, working out the core muscles enhances balance which is crucial in daily activities. Additionally, strengthening the core reduces back pain for some individuals. Therefore, the StairMaster is not only a machine that can be used if you need to lose a little weight and get a flatter stomach but also can be utilized to help relieve chronic back symptoms too.

  1. Improves heart health

The StairMaster can not only enhance your body’s physique but also improve your heart health too. If you use a StairMaster for thirty minutes, you can increase the strength of your heart muscles. Such cardiovascular strength will allow you to increase your stamina which will result in longer and more intense workouts.

Now it’s time for you to be the judge, do you believe a treadmill or a StairMaster is better for you?

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