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TenGenix shows us how male enhancement pills should be in our TenGenix review WebMDMen brings you an exclusive in-depth look at the male enhancement pill that has recently exploded online – TenGenix. Overview In all our years in the industry, we have always tried to identify fact from fiction. One…

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TenGenix shows us how male enhancement pills should be in our TenGenix review

WebMDMen brings you an exclusive in-depth look at the male enhancement pill that has recently exploded online – TenGenix.


In all our years in the industry, we have always tried to identify fact from fiction. One particular lingering issue is the possibility of penis enlargement with the use of male enhancement products. We even found a list of the 3 best male enhancement pills in the industry right now to verify the authenticity of them. Various credible websites online suggest that penis enlargement is not possible, and the size of the penis is a mixture of various factors, which could never be influenced by a supplement. While all of these claims are true, we also know for a fact that penis enlargement – although unpopular, has been patented by various individuals who have studied various supplement ingredients in search for the perfect blend to make penis enlargement possible.

TenGenix BottleNow, we are again at the point of identifying fact and fiction by setting the record straight. TenGenix, a male enhancement supplement, is quickly making rounds online because of its positive results during its test phase. The last 6 months was the final phase of TenGenix’s research and development that made it clear to the manufacturer and its customers that it is indeed a product to be watched out for. Select individuals were given samples of TenGenix to see if the controlled double-blind testing would yield the same results in actual users and the results were nothing short of amazing. Almost a 95% positive feedback was tallied by people who have agreed to test the pill, and dozens of individuals expressed their satisfaction upon using TenGenix for a full term of 1 month.

What you can expect from TenGenix

TenGenix has a 10-point benefit that it promises its customers. Aside from the usual libido enhancement and sexual endurance boost, TenGenix also promises its customers a significant increase in penis size, orgasm control, and an increase in secretion of pheromones. The median time before users can start experiencing benefits from TenGenix is about 30 minutes after taking the first dose, while a significant increase in penis size could be observed after two weeks of consistent use. Long-term benefits such as penis enlargement and orgasm control could be achieved through consistent use of the product.

How TenGenix works

Unlike other male enhancement pills that concentrate on aphrodisiacs to produce an obvious and observable benefit by increasing the user’s libido, TenGenix ingredients can be classified in three categories: Vasodilators that influence an improved blood flow to the penis, Testosterone boosters that increase libido and pheromone release, and sexual endurance ingredients which improve a man’s stamina in bed.

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Compared to other male enhancement products, TenGenix is absolutely revolutionary. The formula is not just a random selection of ingredients that supposedly work for male enhancement. Rather, the ingredients are carefully selected to achieve the peak performance of the formula. Each ingredient is selected in proportion to the effects of the other ingredients in the mix, giving each ingredient ample concentration to reach peak effectiveness without having to mix the formula with dangerous prescription medicine, like other male enhancement supplements.

TenGenix works in just minutes following the initial dose. This is possible through the fast-acting ingredients that trigger a spike in free testosterone levels, which then cause an increase in libido. The libido increase helps alleviate the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. Having an answer ready for erectile dysfunction is a smart feature for the product, given the fact that many men would only consider taking male enhancement supplements minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Although TenGenix has fast-acting components, it works ‘round the clock to deliver the changes you want in your body.

Typical results after 12 weeks with Tengenix

Penis size increaseUp to 5 inches in growth
Sex-Drive Increase
Semen Volume Increase
Energy Level Increase

Typical results from other male enhancements after 12 weeks

Penis size increaseUp to 1 inch in growth
Sex-Drive Increase
Semen Volume Increase
Energy Level Increase


More About Tengenix

TenGenix gradually increases the volume of blood that flows to the penis during sexual stimulation
TenGenix gradually increases the volume of blood that flows to the penis during sexual stimulation. The aphrodisiacs in the formula direct the blood flow to the penis, and the vasodilators in the formula further intensifies the effects of the aphrodisiacs by widening blood vessels to allow more blood to flow to the penis. The aphrodisiacs also fulfil another role by making the user more receptive to sexual stimulus, making erections much more likely to happen. The frequency of having an erection plays a vital role in penis enlargement as it triggers the penile chambers to adapt to the increased volume of blood that flows to the penis. To accommodate the increased blood flow, the penile chambers, or corpora cavernosa, would expand, giving the penis a significant increase in length and girth.

Aside from penis enlargement and libido boost, TenGenix also makes it possible for users to experience better control over their orgasms, thanks to the hormonebalancing ingredients found in TenGenix. The hormone balancing ingredients inhibit neurotransmitters that prevent users from gaining full control over the intensity and frequency of their orgasms.

As a potent testosterone booster, TenGenix also makes the user much more biologically-attractive to the opposite sex through pheromones or natural chemical signals picked up by our sense of smell that tells the opposite sex about a potential biological match. While grooming yourself and making yourself smell good would definitely work on the attraction part, pheromones make men biologically attractive to the opposite sex. Not only does TenGenix help men achieve better sexual health, it actually helps men become more attractive.

TenGenix Ingredients

Glucuronolactone Ingredient Definition L-Acidophilus Ingredient DefinitionAdditional Active Powders Ingredient Definition Potassium Ingredient Definition Garcinia Cambogia Ingredient Definition


L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that increases nitric oxide levels in the body. Nitric oxide triggers the smooth muscles in the arteries to contract, thus allowing more blood to flow through the blood vessels. L-Arginine is a known bodybuilding supplement, and its role as a TenGenix ingredient is to promote better blood flow to the penis. Higher concentrations of L-Arginine could be found in TenGenix, and when used in conjunction with a potent aphrodisiac, regular use of TenGenix with L-Arginine will easily promote penis enlargement.

Tongkat Ali

Also known as the Asian Viagra, Tongkat Ali is known in the supplement industry as one of the most effective pro-erectile ingredients ever used in male enhancement supplements. Tongkat Ali
fulfils three roles in the formula of TenGenix. First, as a testosterone booster, Tongkat Ali greatly increases libido, which potentiates erections. Second, as a free calcium blocker, it helps to prevent the penis from going flaccid while engaged in sexual activity. Lastly, when used in conjunction with a potent vasodilator such as LArginine, Tongkat Ali can help increase blood volume and pressure to the penile chambers, which would trigger an increase in penis size.


Tribulusterrestris is one of the most potent testosterone boosters used in the market today. Some bodybuilding supplements incorporate tribulusterrestris in the formula to increase testosterone for muscle building. TenGenix contains a much more concentrated form of tribulusterrestris, which stacks with the benefits of other testosterone boosters in the formula. In effect, a much more intense libido, and a much more effective release of pheromones could be observed by the user.

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The fast-acting component of TenGenix is focused on MuiraPuama, a potent testosterone booster. Since muirapuama could be easily absorbed by the body, its effects are one of the first observed by the user shortly after taking the initial dose of TenGenix. The median time for the effectiveness of MuiraPuama is around 30 minutes, in which the user would experience a spike in libido levels. While muirapuama works fast, it does not wear off easily. As the other ingredients are being absorbed by the body, muirapuama stacks with the other ingredients to create a much more intensified effect.

Maca Root

Many experts tout maca root as the ultimate sexual enhancement supplement. It is one of the few sexual enhancement supplements that could be used by both men and women. Due to its nature as a hormone balancer, it works by prolonging the effects of increased testosterone levels. Maca root is especially helpful for men as it helps men control their orgasms. Maca root inhibits certain neurotransmitters that prevent men from getting aroused in the moments that follow an orgasm.


As men’s health experts, we have never seen a product quite like TenGenix in the market. Sure, we’ve seen some good and not-so-good products in the market, but nothing comes close to TenGenix. It has one of the most comprehensive formulas to meet the sexual health needs of men, from attraction to sexual performance enhancement, everything is tackled by TenGenix. This could only be the handiwork of people who have carefully studied the needs of men. TenGenix could be a newcomer in the industry, everything about it suggests that its competitors would have to step up their game if they want to top this one.


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