Tavros for Men Ultimate Sexual Performance Review: Is it Effective?

    Tavros for Men Ultimate Sexual Performance Summary

    shutterstock_277170644Muscle Marketing USA touts Tavros for Men as a formula which improves the libido; reduces erectile dysfunction; and amplifies testosterone levels. They claim that it will incite testoid production; increase erection frequency; and boost quality.
    The company further insists that these all-natural botanicals will enhance sexual confidence; elevate performance; and decrease anxieties. This is a review to examine the clinical information for these ingredients and compare them to the manufacture’s assertions.

    Tavros for Men Ultimate Sexual Performance Ingredients and Functions

    Niacin, or B3, increases penile circulation and triggers anti-inflammatory actions. Two of the main causes of ED are poor circulation and inflammation. B3 also promotes smooth muscle relaxation and incites androgen production.
    shutterstock_303137369Vitamin B6, often called Pyridonxine HCI by supplement companies, regulates levels of testosterone as well as oversees its manufacture. This nutrient also oversees carb conversion to increase energy levels. B6 also oversees the production of nitric oxide.
    Zinc oxide has been proven to improve sexual desire and promote the ability to achieve an erection. It functions this way by increasing the natural testosterone production in the body. Zinc is also thought to inhibit cancer development in the prostate.
    Maca root is an ancient Peruvian herb known as Lepidium meyenii which was utilized by indigenous cultures there to enhance physical performance in warriors. It has been scientifically proven to amplify sexual desire; intensify stamina; and magnify energy levels. This root was also discovered to increase muscle growth; heighten strength; and promote endurance.
    Avena Sativa is affectionately nicknamed Oat Straw and has been used as a medicine in ancient cultures for numerous decades. This is in part due to its effect on luteinizing hormones and its ability to incite the production of testosterone.
    Epimedium, or Barrenwort, is a powerful herb which is often added to tons of male enhancement supplements. It was clinically proven to function as an effective vasodilator to facilitate healthy body circulation. Sometimes also called Horny Goat Weed, it is also known to enhance the libido; amplify sexual performance; and intensify endurance.

    Tavros for Men Ultimate Sexual Performance Dosage

    The package directs users to consume one capsule every day on an empty stomach.

    Tavros for Men Ultimate Sexual Performance Pros and Cons

    Tavros for Men Ultimate Sexual Performance Pros

    Many third party websites offer return policies for this product.
    Each of the ingredients in this formula has been scientifically examined.
    A number of supplement retail webpages sell this complex.

    Tavros for Men Ultimate Sexual Performance Cons

    The official site no longer offers this formula.
    There is no company reimbursement policy for this supplement.
    There is no type of consumer reviews for this product.

    Tavros for Men Ultimate Sexual Performance Shop Spot

    Many third party retail supplement sites sell this product. It is generally around $40 for a 30-day supply.

    Tavros for Men Ultimate Sexual Performance Conclusion

    This is a poor purchase decision as the manufacturer no longer carries this product. They offer no reimbursement policy and no user reviews exist.


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