Suggestions to Help Your Appearance and Health After Your 20’s

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Let’s face it: after your 20’s, everything starts to go a little downhill. You can’t help but reminisce about the days when you were 23, remembering the times you could get out of bed without groaning in pain, and the idea of wrinkles and balding seemed so far it felt ridiculous to worry about them.

Now your body feels like it’s giving up; everything you wear is uncomfortable all the time, you’re starting to feel sore in body parts you didn’t even know you had, the idea that you’re starting to lose your full head of hair is too scary to even think about, and you can swear on your life that you’ve caught a wrinkle or two on your forehead. As depressing as it is, the youthful look you’ve been showing off all your life is starting to wear off. Luckily, there are multiple ways to prevent the aging process from being too noticeable.


Celebrities come out with their own skincare routine almost every day now, but after watching the video or reading the article that’s all about which face masks Kylie Jenner wears each week, most of us will go on with our lives without changing anything. The truth is we hear about skin care all the time, but most people don’t really take it into consideration. The idea of buying face masks every week and exfoliators more expensive than your phone is very overwhelming and makes skin care to seem costlier than it should be.

Skin care doesn’t have to consist of face masks, exfoliators, tonics, and other high-end products that probably don’t even work. It could just consist of a bar of soap and some water. Start off by washing your face two times a day: in the morning, after you wake up, and in the night, before you go to sleep.

Suggestions to Help Your Appearance and Health After Your 20’sFor some people, just doing this could be enough to replenish their skin and keep it healthy. Charcoal is known to be super healthful if you’re looking to get rid of blackheads and even out your skin’s complexion. A bar or charcoal soap can be found for very low prices, and it could do your skin a miracle.

Another form of skin care doesn’t even have to do with soap or washing your face at all, it has to do with the amount of sleep you’re getting. If you’re consecutively pulling all-nighters or considering 3 hours in bed like a good night’s sleep, don’t be surprised when your complexion looks dull and sallow. Your skin takes the time to repair itself from the day’s cuts, bruises, and any other new complications when you go to sleep, which means you should always try to get around eight hours of sleep, so you can wake up with skin that looks almost new.


Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Believe it or not, but after your twenties, that million-dollar anti-aging product that’s trending right now is probably not going to save your skin from in, it’s inevitable doom that is wrinkles. The thing that is going to save your skin, however, is moisturizing. Moisturizing replenishes and hydrates your skin, which will maintain its youthful and dewy look for as long as possible. When your showering, the water strips your skin of all the moisture and oils that can be helpful to your skin. This leaves your skin dry and patchy, the exact opposite of what any of us want. To add to this, this also means that it is essential to moisturize right after you take a shower, so you can rehydrate your skin and make sure it is healthy.

Whenever it’s outside, and it’s sunny, so especially during seasons like spring and summer, it’s highly recommended to wear sunscreen. Even if you’re not going to the beach and are just taking a walk, sunscreen would still be extremely helpful in preserving your skin. Sunburn is a reaction that is an immediate and will usually go away in a couple days or weeks, no matter how much pain you may be in because of it.

However, sun damage happens over the course of a lifetime, and it’s permanent. Even though the sunburn’s immediate reaction will go away, it effects won’t. Eventually, the effects of each sunburn you’ve gotten will pile up and cause things such as more wrinkles, dark spots, and more. To prevent or somewhat reverse any form of sun damage, you must apply a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 15 or higher. The sunscreen will give your skin what it needs to be able to heal and repair as much existing damage as possible.


Suggestions to Help Your Appearance and Health After Your 20’sThese suggestions may seem obvious, but most people who are worried about aging doesn’t think about doing these two obvious and very available options. Just by exercising thirty minutes a day for around 5 days a week can do massive changes for your body now and the future. Exercise will keep your muscles and your body healthy, which not only will make you feel better now, but also in the future. Yoga is a great form of exercise that has been gaining popularity lately. Yoga is known for giving you mass amounts of flexibility you never knew you could be capable of, but what you probably don’t know is that it also protects multiple crucial parts of your body. Practicing yoga will protect your muscles, spine, cartilage, and tendons.

Resistance training is another fantastic way to keep your body in check. By the time we hit 40 most of us will start to lose about 1pc of muscle mass each year, which will cause your metabolism to slow down, your structure to weaken, and your athletic appearance to lessen. That is if left unattended. A sure-fire way to prevent this is by weightlifting. You don’t have to do anything too huge, low-intensity weightlifting is enough to make a change in your body.

Of course, another option is to accept yourself as the way you are and embrace the aging process. It’s a scary thought, but we’re all going to get wrinkly at one point. We might as well celebrate the aging process; it’s a symbol of all the life we’ve experienced and all the wisdom we’ve acquired. Aging is completely natural and normal; everyone is going to go through it eventually. Instead of desperately trying to cover up any signs of balding or any wrinkles that are starting to show, embracing these changes with open arms is always an option that may even lead to a happier outcome.

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