by Mike Stewart
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It is important to understand the signs and body language given off by your woman. You might think because of how long you have been together that you are attuned to each other’s feels and moods, whereas that is not the case. Most guys are still often perplexed about when their partner wants sex. General studies show that women are very much less likely to outrightly initiate sex than men but they make do with the art of giving off signs or hints. When you can relate to these signs, understanding your woman’s mood would be a piece of cake, and you might just earn yourself some extra pointers in her book. It is a generally accepted fact that women are complicated and confusing set of people who, with the fact that they have the habit of talking incessantly, still rely on a lot of non-verbal communication to convey their innermost thoughts. Focus on what she is not telling you by speaking on her body language.

These are some of those signs;

She touches you intimately. Women will not necessarily jump your all over you when they are horny, instead, they might get a little touchy in a not-so-obvious way. Maybe touch you a little more than normal and even be more daring by reaching and stroking your inner thighs, neck, and other sensitive parts that differ with partners.  
Her hands
Passionate couple hugging and holding chocolate in their mouths
If her hands are kept to herself rather than holding you, there might be something you need to take note of because she is not letting herself go wild. She should not want to cover herself up with her hands. If she has her hands however over your head or hers, laid out on the sheets or your chest, it is an obvious hint meaning she is comfortable and there is no need to hold back.  
Wearing something special
If suddenly from your woman dressing casually, as usual, you come home one day to meet her dressed nice, it is an inviting sign. It does not mean she has to be dressed in lingerie (she could), but if she like has her hair out and down, wearing a nice and simple dress instead of her usual pajamas, a little bit of makeup on, even sprayed some perfume, that’s her way of trying to get your attention. Do not just ignore these signs waiting for her to come straight up and ask you for sex because she might not, make a move.  
If she is breathing heavily, this is usually a dead giveaway. When the body is excited or turned on, breathing comes quite rapidly and heavily. Involuntary moans are made by this rapid air passing through her vocal cords. The heart rate is increased which makes her internal organs demand more oxygen. This rapid, urgent breathing should let you know that you are on the right track.  
Nice gestures
If she puts efforts into making or getting your favorite meals and even getting your favorite brand of wine, then she most likely is in the mood for something sexual.  If these are not things she does normally, it is probably her way of telling you she needs some special attention tonight.      
Body Response
SIGNS SHE WANTS SEX Different parts of her body will respond if a lot is happening in terms of arousal for her. For instance, if she is grinding or pushing herself against you, curling her toes, trying to hug or hold on to you, all these signs are as inviting as they get. However, if she is just lying there, with little to no response in her body then she is most likely not turned on. Try changing positions, and stimulate sensitive parts of her body to get her attention.      
She talks about it
Talking about how long it has been or how much she misses it. Women will most likely prefer not to initiate such conversations but if she does then she is trying to hint something.  
Hip sway
When a woman is horny, her body will naturally move sensually, sometimes he might not even notice she is doing it. You have to be really observant to notice this, there is an added sway in her hip movements when she is in the mood for sex.  This is the oldest and most popular way women get the attention of men.  So whenever you notice your woman repeating back and forth movements in your view, with her hips and ass in the right sway, if you concentrate you will find out that she is most likely giggling. So do not scold her for obstructing your view of the TV, grab her and give her the sex she craves because it does not happen very often.  

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