Should You Be Including Full Body Workouts in Your Routine?

    man with muscular back lifting barbell, full body workout

    Traditionally, someone looking to put on muscle for whatever reason that may be would utilize split style training.  This is where you isolate each muscle group by a certain day of the week.  For example to chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, shoulders on Thursday, and arms on Friday.

    This technique has been used because training each muscle group individually allows you to get the most volume in doing so.  This is opposed to doing a full body workout, where the individual trains all areas of the body in one exercise.

    The advantage of full body workouts is that you can add more frequency to your routine, which can help you improve in other areas.  Your some reasons why it may be worthwhile for you to include split training in your routine.


    Lose More Fat During Exercise

    fit athletic man showing off body in gym, full body workoutOne major advantage that full body exercise has over split raining is that the exercises are done in higher frequency.  This means that instead of doing 8 to 10 reps in your typical set as you wouldn’t split training, you’re going to be doing at least 20 reps per set in full body workouts.

    Also when you’re training the entire body vs. one muscle group, you tend to need less downtime for recovery between exercises well.  This amplifies the fat burning affect that you get from full body exercises, and our major reason why they are so popular in other types of programs as well such as high intensity interval training(HIIT).

    Exercising this manner also helps to boost cellular metabolism, meaning that you going to burn more calories not only during exercise but afterwards as well.  Due to this rise in your basal metabolic rate, your body is going to burn more fat calories throughout the day.


    Become Stronger Faster

    Another advantage of full body training is that in performing these types of exercises you can become stronger faster whether you are a novice, or a seasoned gym rat.

    This is because of the benefits that whole body training not only provides in muscle gains, but also in the benefit it has on our nervous system.  When it comes to any type of weight training, the impact of exercise on the nervous system usually is nothing more than an afterthought.

    Full body training allows the nervous system to adapt more quickly to training than you would see in just split training alone.


    Faster Progression in Gains

    fit man doing bench press with barbell, full body workoutIt may seem counter-intuitive in doing so but fall body training can help you progress faster and further in your gains, than split training alone.  The reason for this ties back to do great fat burning ability of this type of exercise.

    This is because fat cells themselves produce a hormone called cortisol, and more fat you have more of this hormone you going to produce.  To this is a problem when it comes to wait listing because studies have shown that a hired the presence of cortisol to in the system, a lower the levels of testosterone are in turn.

    As many of us know of testosterone is extremely important when it comes to building muscle, and we want to do our best to keep that cortisol levels as low as possible.  Doing so will also help with the synthesis of the protein itself, in that the ratio of these two hormones have a great effect on this metabolic process.


    Great Improvement in Health

    Not only are you going to see an increase in gains from incorporating full body exercise into your routine, what you’ll see an improvement in your health overall as a result too.

    This again ties back to the frequency of this exercise, and how working the body all at once requires less rest in between exercises well.  Of this means is that during this type of exercise if done properly we can get cardiovascular benefits as well.

    Keeping our heart rate at an elevated level throughout the course of exercise is what allows us to get these cardiovascular benefits, which in turn improves our health.

    Improving the function of the heart and our blood vessels means that, we will see improvement in all areas of our health especially in improving energy levels.


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