She’s Pregnant: Now What? 

by Michael Griffin
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Things are going well in life. You have a sweet job, you have a place to live, your car is pretty legit, and you even are saving up money to buy a house or going on vacation whenever you want. Life is great! But then you get the news you may be dreading: your girl is pregnant. Your entire life gets turned upside down, and you’re unsure of what to do next. You feel lost, like you don’t know what you can do now. But don’t fret: you’re not trapped in a prison cell, it’s a child. You can still live your life like you originally planned, it’s just that you’ll be sharing it with a child now, as well as your significant other. So if you just got your girl pregnant and you have no idea what to do next, here are some great pointers, and exactly what I did to get over the initial shock:

Don’t Panic, and Think Smartly

When this happened to me, I was in a state of panic. I had no clue what my first step was, and I felt like all the plans I made in life were going down the tubes. This can result in severe depression, and I didn’t let it keep me down. Once I came to terms with my situation, I embraced it. I said to myself that I’ll love this child no matter what, and that I’ll be a good father every step of the way. Next, you need to think smart about your decisions. Want to go out drinking with your buddies when you’re tight on funds? Don’t do it. While you’ll have fun for that one night, not having enough money to feed or clothe your child is awful. You need to figure out what your priorities are, and fast. You have a whole 9 months or so to figure out what you need to accomplish to make sure the baby is comfortable and safe, so don’t rush in your decision-making.

Above All Else: Comfort Your Loved One

Chances are that the girl you got pregnant is even more scared than you are. Not only is she having the same feelings you’re having about life, she now has a human growing inside of her, and that’s scary to think about. You need to make sure she’s comfortable and happy, and you need to reassure her that she won’t be alone on this journey. Unlike a lot of deadbeat dads who pack up and leave when the going gets rough, you need to train yourself to overcome all odds and be the man that you know you are. When you accomplish these goals, you’ll have a lifetime of happiness with your child! Good luck.

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