Sex Life Tips That Allow You to Be the Man She Will Never Forget

    shutterstock_466598132Do you want to catch a woman’s eye? Do you want her to see you and want you now? If you want to have sex with a woman and you want to be the man she never forgets, there are some sex life tips that you need today. You may have read somewhere that the best tip for having a greater sex life is more sex but that isn’t always true. You still need to be good, try newer positions and change things up. If you are the same as any other guy, women are going to forget you and they won’t want to come back for more. You need to give them electricity and make them hungry for you.

    Be Original

    If you just do the same position over and over, women aren’t going to remember you. They aren’t going to think of you much at all. You need to be original. Talk with her sweetly, give her some sensual foreplay, tease her and give her the best sex of her life. Don’t be like every other guy out there. Be yourself and be original.

    Pay Attention to Her Desires and Moods

    shutterstock_579729145 (6)Another way that you can be the man she never forgets is to pay attention to her desires and moods. You must listen to every word that comes out of her mouth. Pay attention to anything that she says she likes or even loves. Use her words to create memorable times with her and you can even use those to create a great sexual experience with her as well. You should also pay attention to her mood. If she is in a bad mood, don’t try to switch things up just so you can have sex with her. She will notice you are trying to do this and won’t like you. Let her know you want to help her feel better but don’t push the issue of sex at that time. Women are more attracted to men who will wait for them.

    Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Sex should not be all about you. One of the ways that you can be the man she never forgets is to go out of your comfort zone. If she has a certain fantasy or idea that she would like to play out in sex, do it for her. You may just find that you love it just as much as she does. Also, when you go out of your comfort zone with different positions or sex games, it could be the best sex either of you have ever had.

    Let Her be in Control

    You may not have known this but there are many women who want to be in control. They want to know that they have the upper hand. Let her do this. If this is something that turns her on, you are going to find that you are the man she never forgets. You are going to be the guy she wants to have sex with over and over again. Let her pull in the reigns and take control.

    Change Roles

    If you are into sex roles and she is as well, play out many of them. There is nothing saying you can’t have sex back to back. You can be into one role the first time you have sex and she can be in the role she wants to during the next time. Sex roles can be a lot of fun.

    Sometimes men are boring in bed. It is just a fact. If you want to be the man that she will never forget, you must learn to take things up a notch. You must start picking things up and taking them to the next level. When you follow these sex life tips, you can start showing women that you are the man they need in bed. Whether it is a one-night stand you are going for or a relationship, you still want to be the best you can be in bed. When doing these things, you will show women that you care about them, you want to please them and you are the best they will ever have.


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