Revlon Touch and Glow Review: Are the claims true?

    Revlon Touch and Glow Review: Are the claims true?


    Revlon Touch and Glow Outline

    Skin care productRevlon claims that this Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness product is an innovative skin care cream which delivers shine free, flawless look through the day. They state that it is capable of maintaining optimal moisture levels of skin cells and erasing age spots.

    Revlon advertises this formula as containing properties which block the production of melanin in skin cells.  They say their cream can effectively reduce hyperpigmentation development as well as age spots.

    This Revlon cream includes a protective sunscreen to shield the skin from damaging UVA rays, properties which deeply penetrate deep skin, and hydrate it providing beautifully, radiant skin for the day. This is to reveal the facts of these claims by investigating the components, their efficacy, and benefits which provided as customer assurances.

    Revlon Touch and Glow Ingredients and Actions

    Ingredients of Revlon Touch and GlowThe polyphenolic properties of Bearberry offer some of the most powerful anti-oxidants in the world. They scavenge for free radicals and damaged skin cells which cause the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles.

    Lotus is extremely rich in vitamin C and B complex as well as provides conditioners that hydrate the skin on a microcellular level to plump fines lines. It also lightens the skin erasing age spots and hyperpigmentation.

    Properties from licorice have demonstrated an ability to incite anti-inflammatory actions and eliminate acne causing bacteria. Licorice also offers five different compounds that block tyrosinase activity and thereby inhibit melanin production.

    Vitamin A contains many components referred to as retinoids that applied prior to UVA ray exposure lessen a portion of the damage. Clinical studies have proven their ability to diminish the appearance of fine lines, smooth complexion, and correct hyperpigmentation.

    Vitamin E moisturizes while providing a barrier to shield skin cells against moisture loss. It offers powerful free radical destroyers which prevent cell destruction from the sun.

    Pro-vitamin B5 incites natural healing actions in skin cells, triggers anti-inflammatory actions, and enhances the skin’s absorption rate.

    Revlon Touch and Glow Advantages and Disadvantages

    Revlon Touch and Glow Advantages

    The properties in the Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Cream formula have been clinically tried.

    This cream seems to be relatively inexpensive.

    There are positive reviews posted on the internet for this product.

    There is sun screen included in this cream.

    Revlon Touch and Glow Disadvantages

    The post market product has not been studied.

    There number of reviews for this cream are extremely limited.

    There seems is a great deal of confusion about a guarantee of any kind.

    Order Spot

    Consumers may purchase this product from the Amazon website or any number of other skin care sites. It is $10 to $15 for a 40g tube.

    End Vote

    The ingredients in this formula have been proven effective individually; however, the end product has not been studied. There are some excellent reviews, but there are only a handful of any type. The information concerning the refund policy from Revlon, in this case, is very confusing. This is not a wise purchase decision.


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