Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Yacon Molasses

    Introducing Yacon Molasses

    yacon-roots (1)Yacon Molasses was featured in an episode of the Dr. Oz’s TV program back in 2013. There, it was touted to be the newest cutting-edge discovery in the weight loss industry. This is because the supplement can help you shed pounds without requiring you to substantially alter your eating and workout habits. Furthermore, Yacon Molasses is manufactured in the United States. It only includes purely natural and herbal components, as claimed.

    According to the copyright data at the bottom of Yacon Molasses’ official page, the supplement is a product of Yacon Molasses, a company claiming to have in the industry for 15 years producing and offering health supplements. Despite this assertion, we weren’t able to find any details about them on the web. In their Privacy Policy they just refer to the manufacturer as the “Company”. Also, it is notable to mention that the site of Yacon Molasses bears a resemblance to the page of Pure Yacon Syrup Plus. From this we’re assuming that these supplements come from one manufacturer.

    Furthermore, Yacon supplements, in general, get criticisms and the most usual grievances are their ineffectiveness in contrast to their ads promising changes. They also cause side effects like gassiness and cramps.

    Understanding How Yacon Molasses Function

    Basically Yacon is an Andean perennial plant that typically originates from Colombia to Argentina. It is grown for its tuberous roots and these roots are the ones that have high content of Fructooligosaccharide (FOS). Yacon Molasses’ site said that the Yacon root has been dubbed as the “Metabolism Game Changer” since FOS serves as a natural, efficient weight loss catalyst by heightening your metabolism and controlling your desire to eat. Some of its main advantages are:

    los-mejores-termogenicos-para-mujeresFacilitates shedding of pounds by encouraging a healthy metabolism, as well as serving as a repressor of your food cravings.
    Helps in ensuring digestive wellness and alleviate constipation.
    It has multiple antioxidants.

    Still, it is substantial to mention that most of the assertions of companies making supplements using Yacon rely on the conclusion of a single clinical research that was conducted in 2009. Plus, the said study was heavily criticized. But Yacon supplements grew famous when it was featured on Dr. Oz’s show. Based on the information on the show’s official page, there was an informal study conducted in which 73 percent of the participants shed at an average of 2.9 pounds.

    The company’s recommendation is that consumption of Yacon Molasses means you need to take a teaspoon of the supplement before or during every meal to experience its maximized potential. Amazingly, you can also use Yacon Molasses on pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, coffee, and even on fruits. Also, since the sugar in Yacon root is hugely not digested by the body, Yacon Molasses is also touted to be an ideal sweetening agent and a substitute for those suffering from diabetes.

    On the official site of the supplement it is said that there are no adverse reactions associated with the use of Yacon Molasses. Still, you need to remember that FOS also serves as a soluble fiber and a probiotic. With this, this means that side effects such as gassiness, bloating and cramping could also be encountered. However, these side effects are said to be not usual.

    Yacon Molasses Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

    This particular supplement can only be directly purchased from the company. It is available in three buying selections:

    1-month supply: $39.95
    3-month supply (buy 2, get 1 free): $79.95
    6-month supply (buy 3, get 3 free): $119.95

    As for the shipping fees, it seems this depends on your residence. When checking out, the default shipping option is “Rush”. This is a pricier selection. If you’re not in a hurry and you’re fine to waiting 10-14 days for the supplement, you can choose the “Standard” method of shipping so that you can save 50 percent less.

    Moreover, at the bottom of the checkout page, there’s an “InsureShip” logo. You need to decline this by checking the Decline checkbox if you don’t want to pay an additional fee of $3.99 to cover for the shipping insurance.

    Yacon Molasses provides a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you’re displeased with the product within this period, you can return the unused part of the product to the manufacturer and you will get a complete refund of the money you spent on it. Of course, less S&H fees.

    Product Features of Yacon Molasses

    There’s rich content of FOS, which is a compound that’s believed to help you shed pounds and deliver other health gains that can improve your digestive system.
    Its sweetness can be considered as an alternative instead of using standard sweetening agents.
    The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.


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