Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Cognivance

by Michael Griffin
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Introducing Cognivance

preview-full-shutterstock_83847391Cognivance is developed by Dr. Charles Day, PhD. It is purported to be a cutting edge discovery in the field of brain health. The supplement is said to be scientifically developed to boost memory, enhance concentration and lucidity, as well as combat the inception of neurodegenerative illnesses, like Alzheimer’s. For this reason, Cognivance is touted to aid in managing your brain health and avoid mental deterioration. To obtain such benefits, this brain supplement is touted to be a breakthrough supplement that has premier quality of components that underwent clinical studies. For example, SelenoExcell helps deliver antioxidants to the brain while VITACOG Blend helps lessen brain atrophy and gray matter deterioration. Aside from these two, Cognivance has many more components as listed below: Vitamin A 5,000IU, Vitamin C 60mg, Vitamin D3 1,000IU, Vitamin E 30IU, Vitamin K 25mcg, Thiamine 1.5mg, Riboflavin 1.7mg, Niacin 20mg, Vitamin B6 20mg, Folic Acid 800mcg, Vitamin B12 500mcg, Biotin 300mcg, Pantothenic Acid 10mg, Iron 9mg, Iodine 150mcg, Zinc 15mg, Selenium 200mcg, Chromium 120mcg, Molybdenum 75mcg, Boron 75mcg, Nickel 5mcg, Silicon 10mg, Tin 10mcg, Vanadium 10mcg BCM-95 250mg – An exclusive and patented type of Curcumin said to be greatly bioavailable, which helps stabilize your immune system’s response. Sharp-PS Gold 100mg – A phosphatidylserine-docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) compound that may help provide and transmit DHA to the brain.

Proper Usage of Cognivance

The maker of Cognivance promises that their product helps you combat memory decline and enhance your brain’s health. They recommend taking 2 capsules each day with food, one capsule in the morning and another one at night to obtain optimal assimilation. On the other hand, the manufacturer touts that Cognivance must only be taken by those 18 years old and above. Plus, going beyond the recommended daily dose is not advised. On the product’s official site, no adverse reactions were mentioned. The FAQ page, however, states that Cognivance is harmless in general and should be tolerated by users. It’s just not recommended to be used alongside other products that have iron. The company promises that Cognivance is produced in a GMP-sanctioned laboratory in the United States, though it has both domestic and imported components. Cognivance touts to not involve copper, aluminum or other metals in its formulation, but it has soy and fish. This is something you need to remember if you’re allergic to these ingredients, or if you practice a vegetarian lifestyle.

Cognivance Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

This supplement can only be purchased through the company. For a 30-day supply which has 60 capsules, the price is $49.99, which covers the shipping fee. You can also opt to register for a subscription or its autoship plan for a discounted cost of $47.50 each month. This means you will keep on getting a one-month supply of Cognivance every month or 30 days and your credit card will be charged each time as well. This will only stop if you choose to discontinue your enrollment. The website does not mention a money-back guarantee, so we contacted the company at 855-231-8888. We were then informed that there is no specific duration for refunds, but requests for refunds are subject for approval, depending on the case of each customer and his/her purchase. Simply put, if you use Cognivance properly and yet there’s no significant change, the manufacturer will willingly give you your money back. But if you use the entire bottle and wait 6 months before asking for a refund, then your request may be rejected. Also, it is worth mentioning that the customer representative we talked with was evidently ardent about Cognivance and was keen to be of service.

Is Cognivance Effective in Boosting Memory & Lucidity?

The supplement presents a comprehensive list of components with some clinical researches to back them up, making you think that this is the real deal when it comes memory and focus improvement. But is this really the case in real life? You might want to consider these thoughts:

How are Nootropics in Generally Received?

If you disregard the scientific assertions and the marketing fuss attached to these kinds of products, do brain boosters really deliver beneficial results? Based on our experience and researches conducted, probably not. About Dr. Charles Day PhD Looking for this specific phrase, the only results we came across with was directly linked to Cognivance. Beyond this, there isn’t any information about this so-called brain specialist. But the official site states that this Dr. Charles Day holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry from the University of Louisville. He is also said to have 40 years of experience in his field.

What are the Components in Cognivance?

preview-full-early-signs-dementiaIt is important to note that several of the components in this supplement have undergone clinical studies, but Cognivance itself hasn’t. Given this, rather than checking each of the product’s components independently – seeing that most of these can be acquired through foods consumed and would consequently allow you to forego buying and taking supplements- let’s focus on the 3 main components that are touted to make Cognivance unique. BCM-95: This is a patented type of curcumin. WebMD said that curcumin, which is also called turmeric, does not have enough clinical proof showing its efficacy to help treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s or other issues linked to brain. Sharp-PS Gold: This is essentially a form of DHA. WebMD said that it is potentially efficient for boosting brain health, saying that “Research suggests that taking 400-1000 mg of DHA daily for 2-4 months does not improve mental performance in healthy children. Taking DHA daily for 4 months also does not improve memory and learning in elderly women.” However, DHA does not have enough clinical proof that it can cure symptoms of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other brain-related problems. SelenoExcell: This is a patented development of selenium, but the scientific proof that it can contribute for brain health is weak and lacking. It can only address selenium deficiency.

What Users Have to Say?

Because it is relatively a new dietary brain product, it does not have so many customer feedbacks online as of this writing. We only found out that it is created by Union Springs, LLC that is mainly headquartered in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. It is listed with the Better Business Bureau where it has an A+ rating. There aren’t any complaints for Cognivance or its company in the last three years in BBB. Notably, Cognivance is distinctive when measured up to other similar supplements in terms of providing all necessary information and other details on its official site. It also seems that the manufacturer puts their faith in this product. Plus, they don’t resort to unpleasant marketing tactics like making fake reviews or giving fake celebrity promotions.

Final Verdict

Even as it is a good sign that the company gives clear details about their product and there are professionals involved as to its development, it also does not seem that the components in Cognivance have adequate scientific proof that it can be helpful for increasing memory, concentration, lucidity, or that it can combat the inception of neurodegenerative illnesses. But if you’re really interested to give this supplement a try, the company seems to be genuine in their offer of a 100% refund should you find Cognivance unsatisfactory.

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