Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Abidexin

by Michael Griffin
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Getting to know the Product

preview-full-Healthy-mens-weight-loss-diet-plan-that-really-work - CopyThis weight loss product claims to make use of a special blend of components that’s designed to promote weight loss among users. This is through the increase of metabolism, torching of excess fat, boosting energy levels and repressing one’s appetite. All these are claimed to be obtained without the feeling of nervousness or those jitters that other weight loss products sometimes trigger. This product is created and produced by the company NutriPharm, LCC. It has its main headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The manufacturer says it has been operating in the industry for around nine years even though Better Business Bureau has no record of the company and customer feedbacks online regarding the product’s performance are mostly bad. Users mostly complained about its ineffectiveness and side effects brought by caffeine, such as nausea.

Understanding How Abidexin Function

This dietary product asserts to promote weight loss by burning fat, controlling your appetite to prevent you from overating, as well as boosting your energy to allow you to exercise more. Abidexin also claims to enhance mental focus. Manufactured in the United States, below are its components: Caffeine Anhydrous 210 mg: apparently a stimulant that’s said to increase thermogenesis or the burning of fat, as well as improve mental focus. Green Coffee Bean 200 mg: this component is high in chlorogenic acid. In some studies it has demonstrated to promote weight loss. GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea 150 mg: this proprietary component is touted to be clinically tested and proven to encourage shedding of pounds much faster. Irvingia Gabonensis 150 mg: this ingredient comes from a West African tree that is said to help in the weight loss process. Coenzyme Q10 50 mg: this component is an antioxidant that the body naturally produces. It aids in the conversion of food into energy. On the official site, it is said that the use of Abidexin has to be between 1-3 capsules before eating breakfast and lunch. The quantity relies on your specific weight loss plans.  Furthermore, its manufacturer asserts that there are only 2% of customers, or less, who may not encounter the weight loss effects of their product. Also, NutriPharm says that it’s ideal to take their product alongside proper nutrition and regular exercise to see optimal results.

Product Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

The prices of Abidexin when bought directly from the company are: 1 Bottle – $49.95 plus an additional $4.95 for shipping and handling fees 2 Bottles – $79.95 that comes with free shipping and free 1 bottle of 72 Hour Cleanse 3 Bottles – $109.75 that comes with free shipping and free 1 bottle of 72 Hour Cleanse This weight loss product is offered with a 90-day money-back guarantee with less shipping and handling fees. In the case that you’re unhappy with the product, you can reach out the customer service at 866-917-0541 or at [email protected] or through live chat to initiate your refund request.

Abidexin Product Features

The product touts to support dieters in their weight loss goals by lessening your appetite and boosting your energy. The former helps you to avoid overeating while the latter allows you to further your exercise efforts. There’s a 90-day refund available, which is a significant period of time for users to decide if they like the product and want to keep using it. If they don’t, they can always ask for a refund as long as it’s within 90 days. You can reach out the company through lots of ways for your convenience. This can be through phone, email or live chat.

Final Verdict: Is Abidexin the Real Deal or is it a Scam?

preview-full-weight-loss-questionsEssentially we don’t believe this product to be a complete rip-off. Though for prospective buyers out there, do consider the following: The industry where supplements are created in entirety is filled with unverified assertions and over-the-top marketing promises. Simply put, even products that claim to be scientifically proven are really not backed up by science as a whole. With this, the official site of Abidexin has links to 5 studies said to prove the effectiveness of the product. However, we’ve also come across considerable quantity of information that makes these scientific claims dubious. For instance, an article on WebMD said: “Some small studies show that Irvingia gabonensis seed extracts might help reduce weight in people who are overweight, especially if combined with a low-calorie diet. But this research is poor quality.” On the Green Tea claim, this was stated: “Taking a specific green tea extract (EGCG) seems to help moderately overweight people lose weight. But green tea doesn’t help people keep the weight off.” As for the caffeine, an article on Mayo Clinic said that the amount of caffeine that’s accepted as normal is 200-300 mg each day. Still, we’ve come across several testimonials online saying that Abidexin generates jitters and makes it harder for them to sleep at night. Furthermore, there’s also the article with this statement: “Many of the ingredients in this supplement can be found in other more cost effective supplements. And if you drink coffee already you may not notice any effects at all.” The official site of the product also mentions that effects among customer reviews are uncharacteristic and that the results depend on every person. Weight loss results are inclined to be more positive if partnered with proper nutrition and workout. Furthermore, we’ve noticed that many of the components in the product have been crossed out from the formula. This may be because Abidexin is a newer version of the previous weight loss product called Apidexin. As a final point, this product is expensive bearing in mind that a single bottle could only last for up to 10 days. This also depends on your consumption, since 1-3 capsules are allowed before meals.  

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