Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Magna Force Plus

by Michael Griffin
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Product Introduction

Magna Force Plus is a nutritional supplement that promises to accomplish a lot of benefits, including improved sex drive and lean muscle mass. This is said to be achieved by boosting blood circulation, increasing testosterone levels, and hastening your metabolism. Hence, Magna Force Plus claims to heighten your sexual functions, improve your gym performance, and even torch more fat. The company behind Magna Force Plus recommends taking 2-4 capsules during breakfast, as well as another 2-4 capsules during lunch time. It is also important that you drink plenty of water. The company purports that Magna Force Plus instantly boosts the body’s natural manufacturing of nitric oxide (NO), which heightens your blood flow. And better blood flow means greater sexual functions and the body’s ability to grow muscles.

About Nitric Oxide & Testosterone

Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Magna Force PlusBasically, Nitric Oxide is able to dilate the blood vessels in a process called vasodilaton. This causes for the blood to flow more prolifically and efficiently, which aids in the reduction of inflammation and blood pressure. Improved blood flow also alleviates symptoms of erectile dysfunction. As a matter of fact, most hugely recommended ED medications particularly function by increasing nitric oxide levels in the body. It has also been determined that NO portrays a substantial part when it comes to sending signals or messages between nerve cells in the brain. This consequentially helps the immune system to protect the body from foreign invaders and other bacteria. Meanwhile, testosterone is a crucial hormone for men. It plays a significant part in sperm production, muscle mass, fat storage, frame of mind, production of red blood cells, and other biological processes. Testosterone has its peak during male adolescence, which is why boys during their teens experience physical and biological changes in their bodies. However, testosterone levels start to decline when men hit their 30s. Significant drop in testosterone levels, usually experienced by men in their 40s, present unpleasant adverse effects, such as weight gain, reduced muscle mass, mood problems, lessened libido, and even troubles getting or maintaining an erection during sex. For this reason, supplement companies have developed the supposed-to-be solution- male enhancement pills. One of them is Magna Force Plus.

What are the Ingredients?

L-Citrulline Agmatine L-Norvaline L-Methionine L-Glycine Vitamin B6 Generally, these ingredients don’t have adequate clinical evidence substantiating their effectiveness in improving sex drive and lean muscle mass.


Magna Force Plus can only be acquired through a 14-day free trial. Initially, you only need to pay for the shipping, which is $7.95, in order to get a bottle of Magna Force Plus. Failure to cancel your free trial registration within 14 days will automatically charge your card for the full amount of the supplement, which is $89.95. You will also continue receiving a fresh supply of Magna Force Plus every month. Hence, your credit card will be automatically billed $89.95 plus $7.95 for the shipping and handling each month. To discontinue your enrollment to the free trial or the autoship plan, you need to reach out to their customer support at 800-954-1229. Also, Magna Force Plus also has a 30-day money-back guarantee, with less shipping and handling charge, as well as a 25% restocking charge for the bottles that have been already opened.

Customer Feedbacks

Reviews for Magna Force Plus are mixed. Some experience positive effects with the use of the supplement, while others did not. It is also important to note that supplements work differently depending on the person using them.

About the Company

Magna Force Plus is developed by the company Sobe Nutrition. It is mainly headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. As of this writing, they’re not with the Better Business Bureau. We tried to look them up, but no information came up online.

Final Recommendation

Reviewing the Safety & Effectiveness of Magna Force PlusMagna Force Plus claims to serve as a solution to your declining testosterone levels mainly due to aging. It promises to retain your sexual prowess and your body’s ability to gain lean muscle mass during workouts. On the other hand, the components present in Magna Force Plus don’t have sufficient clinical evidence substantiating their potency. Nevertheless, they’re safe for consumption. No serious side effects have been reported so far. Thus, it’s sufficed to say that you can try the product for yourself and see if it works for you. Just be cautious of the autoship program associated with the purchase of Magna Force Plus.

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