Reasons Why it’s Vital to Exercise

by Webmd Men Staff
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You might find exercising a chore, and absolutely hate going. Maybe you’ve started a thousand workout regimes, and just can’t seem to stick to them at all. You know that you need to work out to lose weight, but maybe that’s not enough motivation on its own. Or maybe you’re at a healthy weight naturally, and you think that means you simply don’t need to work out. Well, weight loss might be one of the primary advantages you get when you start to work out, but it’s certainly not the only one. Our bodies were meant to be active, so there are actually tons of reasons that you should be out there exercising. Here are just a few.

Strengthen Your Lungs

Over time, your lungs will deteriorate. That’s not something that anyone can avoid. There are ways to mitigate that, though; if you work out regularly, you will build up the muscles that control your lungs. This will give you better breath control as you age. In addition, your aerobic power, which is your body’s ability to deliver the oxygen from your lungs into the individual cells, will stay stronger over time if you regularly do aerobic exercise. If you’ve ever heard an old person who is frequently short of breath, you know what’s in store for you if you don’t exercise.

Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is the quickest growing disease in America today, afflicting over 30 million people, and a great deal of that is linked to the obesity epidemic. Not only will exercise help prevent you from getting diabetes, it can actually reverse the process if you become pre-diabetic or even type II diabetic. Diabetes is a really nasty disease that prevents you from properly processing the sugar in your food, and can lead to blindness, amputation, or even death.

Reduces Your Blood Pressure

couple running, exerciseHaving a high blood pressure is one of the most prevalent causes of heart disease and heart attacks. It’s a serious problem, and one that can be managed best with exercise. Exercise will reduce the plaque buildup in your veins, which lowers your blood pressure over time. Working out also strengthens the muscle that is your heart, so it attacks the blood pressure issue from all sides. Whether your blood pressure is high now, or you just want to avoid it getting there, exercise is necessary.

Strengthens Your Immune System

As you age, your immune system loses strength. It’s one part of why old people are at such a danger for infection and disease. Recently, it’s been shown that even small amounts regular exercise can hold back this immune degeneration and keep you healthier into your old age.

Strengthens Your Bones

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects nearly all people as they age, characterized by the loss of minerals in the bones. Every year, your bones get a little bit thinner and weaker. Strength training will keep your bones harder for longer, and prevent the possibility of easily broken bones once you get older.

Easier Time Moving Around

You don’t only use your muscles when you’re working out, or pushing a buddy’s car out of a ditch. Every time you move around, everything you do, takes muscle strength. You will simply have a more comfortable time moving around if your muscles are more toned and strong, you’ll have less discomfort accomplishing everyday tasks.

Boosts Your Memory

There are now a great number of studies examining the positive effect of exercise on the brain. Not only will working out regularly specifically increase your memory, it doesn’t even take that much exercise to manage it. In fact, it’s possible that working out can even make you smarter, as the larger amounts of oxygen getting to the brain can stimulate your mental processes.

Lowered Risk of Dementia

Along with the short term mental benefits, there are even more significant longterm effects on your brain from exercise. By improving the flow of blood to the brain, working out will actually lower your chances of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia later in life.

Have More Energy Throughout the Day

energetic businessman jumping highWhen you’re working out regularly, your body simply works more efficiently. After a while, you’ll find that you’re waking up more refreshed in the morning, you’ll get less tired throughout the day, and you’ll have more energy to carry through the day and do whatever it is you want. The best part is, it feeds back on the exercise, because working out is easier when you have more energy.

Better Sex Life

Who doesn’t want to be able to perform better in the bedroom? Working out regularly will give you more stamina and staying power, and having stronger muscles will give you more ability to engage in any bedroom acrobatics that you and your partner want to try.

Lowers the Risk of Arthritis

The single most common condition that old people face is arthritis. It is an extremely painful condition that affects the joints. Unlike many aspects on this list, it won’t be aided by strength training or aerobic exercise. Slower exercises, focused on stretching and balance, such as yoga, will maintain your joint health well into your older years.

You’ll Sleep Better

Exercising in the day will help you get to sleep at night, and stay asleep. Working out helps your natural rhythm “know” what time of the day it is; when you exercise during the day, it’s more primed to sleep at night. Be aware, that means that exercising to tire yourself out to fall asleep simply won’t work.

Better Mental Health

Studies have shown that levels of anxiety and depression both have been lessened a great deal by working out regularly. Working out releases your body’s natural endorphins, and those endorphins can help regulate your mood.

You’ll Enjoy It

Those endorphins I was just talking about? They feel very, very good. Once you work out enough, your body will start to crave it, and you’ll start to get a sort of “natural high” every time that you work out.

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