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Purus Labs D-Pol – Is this the best choice?

Purus Labs D-Pol - Is this the best choice?

It can be difficult when you try and find the right supplement for you. With so many different brands out there to choose from, how do you know which is the best? Looking at the ingredients doesn’t help, you end up spending hours comparing and researching. All in all, it just ends up becoming quite stressful and so you just pick any at random.

This is obviously no good, so we have compiled a whole bunch of reviews that will inform you of the facts about the products on the market today. We can differentiate the good from the bad and help you make your decision.

By providing you with our expert knowledge on natural herbs, formulas and there effects, we make it easier for you to have the perspective of what supplements you might benefit from.

Purpose:Gain muscle

Purus Labs D-Pol is apparently a testosterone boosting supplement. It says that if you were to pick this as an option you would notice results instantly. The effects of an increase in testosterone affect the energy and power you feel as well as heavier muscles.

Another major difference would be to your sex drive and you will all of a sudden feel young again.


This supplement is packed full of Vitamins so let us look at which ones and what they do!

Vitamin D3: improves the neuromuscular system.

Vitamin B6: facilitates natural function of the nervous system.

Vitamin B9: known as folic acid which assists the usual functions of the body.

Vitamin B12: is considered important for metabolism and is responsible for promoting natural function of nervous tissue.

D-Aspartic Acid: is responsible for the release of hormones as it works in the centre of the brain. It is also composed of an amino acid which is believed to regulate the production of testosterone.

L-Aspartic Acid: works together with D-aspartic Acid and assists male fertility.

All of these ingredients are safe to consume and cause no harm, damage or side effects. It is a stimulant-free product with no artificial substances.


The recommended daily dose is three tablets and a bottle consist of ninety, making that a one month supply for a grand total of $33.99.

To conclude:Testosterone booster

The product may be safe but are combined vitamins alone enough to do the job? I have a feeling that this is nothing but a placebo. Why doesn’t this enhancement use any of the natural herbs like Tongkat Ali or Horny Goat Weed? These extracts are known to have major effects on testosterone levels, fertility and sexual arousal. People have been using these for centuries around the globe!

Also, if you are not comfortable with taking large chalky pills then this product is not for you.

There are much easier to consume alternatives that specifically include the previous mentioned potent herbs like Xtreme Testosterone that also come at a more reasonable price of $19.95.

If you want to seriously boost your libido and grow length to you penis you could splash out a little and go for Biomanix at $59.95.


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