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Protein Shake Review: MaxiMuscle Promax Lean

Protein Shake Review: MaxiMuscle Promax Lean

MaxiNutrition Promax Lean is a whey based protein powder with a patented proprietary blend that packs about 30 grams of protein into just one shake serving. Whey protein isolate and other forms of whey with other different ingredients like Guarana and CLA make up this delicious shake. Most of the ingredients are clinically proven to help you add and define muscle using this low calories beverage that will prevent you from putting on bloat and excess weight.

Like with any supplement on the market that promises to make you look or feel a certain way, right off the bat we know this is a falsehood. Buying the product isn’t going to automatically make you feel better, you need to also put in the hard work. That’s right folks before you waste your precious money on this supplement it is important to understand that you will also need to diet and workout to see the results you glance at in store windows and magazine pages longingly.

About the Product

MaxiMuscle Promax Lean is manufactured by a company that is in no way new to the weight loss supplement game. MaxiNutrition is a main player in the UK sports nutrition game and has been for years. Though the company has just been bought out by a larger conglomerate, there is no doubt that over a decade of testing and research and reliable products will not go to waste with the corporate buy out.

The powder comes in a canister and offers over 30 grams of whey protein proprietary blend per serving of shake that you mix with water and drink either before or after your work out for best results it is recommended that you take it twice a day, both before and after training, it even should be taken on rest days. Your muscles need protein and your body needs energy throughout the training process whether you are working out or not.

The Main Components:

  • Whey Protein BIOmax formula with 30 g of protein
  • 80 mg of CaffeineCoffee Beans
  • 500 mg L-Carinitine
  • B Vitamins 1-12
  • Guarana
  • Amino Acid Chains
  • CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Product Advantages

  • Low in calories

The product is low in calories and will help you lose weight and put on only lean muscle mass

  • Vitamin B complex

This is vital for a high functioning nervous system and helps with alertness and focus during training seshs

  • Reputable international company

MaxiNutrition has been making sports nutrition shakes for over 10 years, they know what they are doing

  • Good taste and easy to mix

Customers rave about the taste and this blend is never chalky, chunky, or frothy, only smooth and delicious

Product Disadvantages

  • Expensive

This is on the higher end of the price spectrum for products that deliver pretty similar thingsMaxiMuscle Ingredients

  • No free trial

There is no free trial or money back guarantee on this product. If you want to try it you have to take a bit of a gamble

  • Not a lot of disclosure

It is nearly impossible to find Amazon reviews or a full ingredient list for this product and that is a huge red flag.

The Bottom Line…

Try it for yourself to see if you like it. Maybe email the company and ask for a sample or split it with a gym buddy. It is clinically proven and definitely will bring the results, it just may not jive with you.

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