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ProLatis 2.0 Overview

ProLatis 2.0 Overview

ProLatis 2.0 Overview

ProLatis is a male enhancement supplement recalled in 2010 that did have a bit of a successful track record before that happened. The problem was a little ingredient that is a derivative of Sildenafil—notoriously known as an active ingredient in Viagra. And as you know, Viagra is only permitted with a prescription due to the potential side effects that can often be dangerous.

prolatis review-surge in my libidoSince then, however, ProLatis 2.0 has launched into the world as a new and improved (and all-natural) version of the original. The ingredients are typical to a male enhancement product. You’ve got L-Arginine for that Nitric Oxide precursor to relax those blood vessels. We’ve also got Horny Goat Weed to increase your libido. Maca Root Extract serves as an aphrodisiac in ProLatis, and then we’ve also got L-Citrulline and Niacin.

ProLatis is a very fast-acting enhancement so you will need to be consistent with daily intake in order to see results. You’ll want to take 2-4 capsules approximately 2 hours before sexual activity occurs and as always it’s good to start off with 2 just to see how much you can tolerate before jumping into a bigger dose.

However, many reviews for ProLatis 2.0 state that it doesn’t work at all as opposed to the previous formula. In fact, when I began to read the reviews in more detail I noticed that most people were saying it clearly didn’t work at all. So I went to the website, but apparently it had been taken offline. Which I thought was a little telling, but it’s still being sold online so perhaps it’s not being made anymore but there is still a little left in stock.prolatis review-maca root extract

I did end up trying it myself just out of curiosity and I experienced a surge in my libido, though it wasn’t anything too dramatic, and I also had an intense migraine that wasn’t relieved by the strongest dose of Ibuprofen I could safely take. So, that being said, I don’t know if this product is still in existence or not, but from a personal standpoint I can’t recommend something that made me feel this horrible after taking it.

I feel a little bad for this company having come out with some misleading information and then trying to come back with a new product only to disappear off the face of the web with only a trail of bad reviews behind them, but at the same time, your health is important and taking a male enhancement supplement is supposed to make you feel better and more confident, not like you’re suddenly in the depths of hell.

Definitely not on my recommended list, but I still felt the need to review this just to give everyone a heads up on this product. There are plenty of other safe, effective, and reputable brands out there that will not only give you the results you crave but make you feel fantastic in the process. Something like TenGenix or FCK Forever I’d definitely recommend over ProLatis 2.0. And sadly I’ll be skeptical of any future products they may or may not release in the future as well.


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