Procera AVH: Is the product safe as well as effective?

by Michael Griffin
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There are unfortunate inevitable changes that can be caused by a number of afflictions within our daily life, aging is just one of many of these circumstances – but what if there was a solution?Supplements that are available on the holistic market of today are designed to offer an alternative approach to taking multiple medications to improve aspects of our lives. The trick is to finding the ones that genuinely work and are worth the money and effort.If you are unsure of the ingredients and which product does what, don’t worry – we understand how this can become confusing! This is why we have taken the time to do the research for you and input our knowledge of natural ingredients and their effects so that you can trust the information which we provide.


Procera AVH  is a brain enhancement, herbal remedy specifically designed to amend cognitive functions. This supplement improves concentration, focus, performance, learning abilities, mental clarity, and vigor.This non prescriptive alternative is supposedly proven to act in just thirty minutes and restore up to twenty years of lost memory through increasing oxygen and circulation of the blood which helps neurotransmitters which may have depleted due to a poor diet, aging, through the loss of sleep or stress.It also energizes tired brain cells enhances the metabolism of brain energy by providing a fresh supply of vitamins and nutrients.


The ingredients are said to be safe and efficient as the product is one of the few brain enhancement supplements that have been clinically and Procera AVHscientifically tested. It is stimulant-free and manages to increase blood distribution in the brain.The key ingredients found within this product are Acetyl L-Carnitine, Vinpocetine and Huperzine – giving it its name ‘AVH.’Acetyl-l-carnitine reduces the rate of cell deteriorating and prevents the effect of Alzheimer’s. Studies link this substance to improved cognitive functions – improving the capacity of the brain and its performance.Vinpocetine is extracted from the Periwinkle plant, and can solve many brain issues including memory loss, damaged concentration and increase both oxygen and blood flow.Huperzine (HUP) acts as an ache inhibitor. Acetyl cholinesterase is an enzyme that removes acetylcholine from the synapse. The brain blocks the activities of Huperzine which means the increase of this particular enzyme. This development empowers the brain and protects it from calcium and other free substancesA recommendation is to take these pills after a good meal when the stomach is full.

Valuemoney-back guarantee

Although the price is actually steep for $35.99 which allows you about a two month supply (sixty capsules and you need to take three per day), they do offer a money-back guarantee if you change your mind about the product.


Despite the fact that these pills have ingredients which were clinically tested, this is still not the number one choice of brain enhancement pill on the market today. The leading brand offer Brain Gain, which retails at only $19.95 and also uses all natural ingredients which have been tested in a lab.  

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