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Ever wonder what you can do to improve your sex life? Specifically, ever wonder what types of food can improve your sex life? Please don’t say chocolate colored strawberries and oysters, everyone already knows those are two of the most well known aphrodisiacs. Think outside the box here. Combine a couple here and there.

Picture this: You and your lady have had a long week and have decided to stay in on a Friday night. You’re cooking an intricate meal that will have her panties dropping in no time. But, what foods do you choose to incorporate into the appetizers, meals, and desserts? What is going to get her going, and what is going to get you horny? The goal here is to get the two of you so antsy, as if you’re struggling to finish the meal because all you want is to get to the bedroom now.

Science has stated, and proven, that certain vitamins, minerals, and components found in food are highly likely to enhance sex. Actually, such foods can make sexual function and experience feel out of this world. That’s where the term aphrodisiac comes into play, right?

Right. Now let’s dive in and take a look at what creative foods we can eat to please our sex drives. Mix and match them, your relationship and sex life will be better for it. Here we go!


Isn’t it funny that avocados look like testicles? However, that’s not the reason why it helps us with our sex drives.

Avocados have tons of unsaturated fat and minimal amounts of saturated fat. This promotes a happy heart health along with good and pristine arteries. And, any food that helps the heart pump blood throughout the body better, also ensures that blood reaches the right places. This means that men who have difficulty getting and maintaining an erection should load up on some avocados. The blood will go rushing there in no time to help promote a better, healthier sex life.


Almonds have a ton of great sexual properties including stimulation of the sex drive and fertile sex organs. The nutrients in these little nuts help out in a massive way with our sex health and reproductive organs. Zinc, selenium, and vitamin E are all part of the plan to benefit our sex life, and all these minerals are within such a tiny piece of food. Specifically, the mineral zinc helps us out with an enhanced libido and a desire for passion in the bedroom. We may not know entirely how it does what it does, but we do know that it works wonders.

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I know I said I would try to stay away from the cliché’s, but strawberries are a phenomenal aphrodisiac, therefore worth mentioning.

Oddly enough, just the fact that strawberries are red makes them a food we desire to eat before sex. Why? Well, let’s go back to the little psychological fact of: If women wear red, men are more apt to find them attractive. So, put those two statements together and we have an immediate attraction when the fruit known as the strawberry comes into the room.

As for its health affects, strawberries have a great deal of folate within them, therefore allowing women to ward off birth defects. As for men, strawberries increase sperm count.

Give it more of a cliché, add in some chocolate. Hell, dip those berries in chocolate and have chocolate covered strawberries next time you’re in the mood; The two ingredients will give the two of you a sensational feeling when you’re ready to get down and dirty.


seafood sashimi, salmon, tuna, herring, aphrodisiacSeafood, yummy yummy. Even though most seafood is extremely slimy and slippery, it still acts as an aphrodisiac. Here’s where the second cliché comes in: oysters. Plus, these little pieces of food have an extremely high potential for libido boosting effects. Other sexy seafood’s are oily fish like salmon and herring. To add, both salmon and herring are great for heart health, in turn allowing blood to go where it needs to go.


Dating back to the first century, arugula has been known to be an enhancement for bedroom activities. The minerals and antioxidants within the leafy green vegetable aid in a great sex life. How? By simply blocking out all those yucky contaminants from the environment that decrease our libido. Eat a plate of this as an appetizer during that Friday night dinner with your hunny, and you’ll be getting freaky in no time.


These little fruits help out a lot when it comes to our sex life. Not many people like them, but I would suggest sucking it up, sprinkling a few on the main course, and eating them up. When they’re added to a meal, you can’t really taste whatever gross substance you could taste before.

Dating back a long, long time ago, figs were labeled as a fertility booster. They have sufficient amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber. Both of these are extremely good to keep up with a healthy heart.

Plus, foods that are high in fiber are very filling, in turn leaving your stomach area looking sexy and ready for pleasure.


Citrus filled foods are very tasty. And, citrus foods are filled with antioxidants, folic acid, and vitamin C. These boost a man’s reproductive system and ability to have a great sex life. Throw some oranges on that arugula and you’ll have a double whammy of an aphrodisiac appetizer. If you don’t have this lying around, sprinkle some lemon or lime juice on your entrée of salmon, another double whammy.

Try incorporating a few of these together, mix and match your favorite foods, and cook up that delicious, aphrodisiac-filled mill on Friday with your hunny. Then, my suggestion would be to continue the tradition at least once a week; It’ll leave your, and your partners, sex life feeling great, passionate, and enhanced.

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