Mental Health Improvements You Can Make This Year

When you made your New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year, what were they? If you are like many other men, after the holidays were over, you probably said that you want to make improvements to your health. Some men may have wanted to lose weight. Others may have wanted to start eating healthier. If you are one of the many men who said that you want to reduce your stress or start relaxing more, that is good for you. Today you are going to read about some of the mental health improvements that you can make this year. Everyone needs to have great mental health and it all starts with the choices you make.

Better Diet

preview-full-1428469474745A better diet does not mean that you need to be dieting. It means that you are eating healthier and more balanced foods. If you want to make some mental health improvements this year, you can start by having a better diet. By having a better diet, you can prevent illnesses, keep your weight managed or possibly lose weight and have an overall better mental health state as well. Your brain needs healthy food to keep your emotions in check and your stress level down. One of the better diets you can choose is a Mediterranean diet. This is mostly based upon eating fruits, plant based foods, seeds, cereals, nuts and beans. You can also have some poultry, dairy and fish.

Exercising Regularly

Another mental health improvement you can make this year is to exercise regularly. Making sure you are physically active every is going to offer you many health benefits in addition to improving your mental wellness. It is recommended that adult men get at least 1 ½ hours of moderate to intense aerobics in every week or 1 ¼ hours in each week of vigorous to intense aerobics. Even going on a walk every day could help to improve your mental state.

Better Sleep

If you are not sleeping well, this is one of the mental health improvements you may want to make this year. Those who don’t sleep well will have higher stress levels, increased risk of disease, lower productivity in their life and even be more apt to develop a mental health disorder. If you want to make a mental health improvement this year, make sure you are getting better sleep. It is recommended that adult men get an average of 7 hours of sleep each night.

Stress Management

Another mental health improvement for you to make is learning stress management techniques. If you are working man or even someone who just gets overwhelmed a lot, your mental health could greatly benefit from some stress management. You can do mindfulness techniques such as yoga and meditation. Even just relaxing through taking a nap or reading a book that calms you will help. Those who have higher stress levels reduce their life expectancy, having higher risks of developing diseases and will have more health issues in their life as well. Get your stress under control starting today and keep doing so all year long.

Find a Healthy Hobby

preview-full-shutterstock_207381520If you want to get your mental health in check this year, you can do so by finding a hobby. This will give you something to do that you enjoy, instead of just working all the time and then going home. Maybe you will like to volunteer so that you are helping others. There might be a sport you would like to play or an instrument you would like to learn to play. Finding a hobby will help you to relax and enjoy life a little more. It may even help you to find you passion in life as well.

 Scheduling Your Goals

One of the things that get many people stressed, anxious and overwhelmed is the way they set up their goals. If you have goals but you don’t schedule how you will accomplish them out in steps, you may just try to do everything at once. This can lead you to become more stressed and anxious. You may be trying to do too much at once. The pressure that this puts on your mental health state is not good. Start scheduling your goals and the steps to them instead of just jumping into the goal.

These are some mental health improvements that you can make this year. Don’t jump into them all at once. Start today. You may also want to take Relax (Holy Basil) to reduce your stress and anxiety levels as well.

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