Men’s Fitness: The Present And Future

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How often have you skipped a workout because you were unable to get to the gym? How many times have you had to juggle your schedule to make it to a class, push through the after-work fitness buffs, or drag yourself to the gym when you were feeling sick?

No more.

There’s a new fitness landscape coming right to your living room. But if you decide you still want to go to the gym, the new tech inside will keep you coming back for more. Here are some at-home and in-gym technologies that’ll help you hit your fitness goals.

At-home Workouts


Live-streaming fitness, aka the “workout of the future”, is gaining traction all over. It combines the physical and virtual through in-gym classes and virtual reality that will keep a lot of bucks in your pocket.

With live streaming, you can work out from your smart TV, tablet, computer, phone, and choose when, where, and which instructor you’d like. Rather than a $100 down payment and monthly payments, most services begin at a very modest $10/month. So, now you can afford your Netflix and your gym membership for just $25.

man wearing smart watch to track workoutIf you like spinning, but find those sweaty, bike-loving crowds too much to deal with, or that monthly payment is breaking your pocket, you can spin right from your home. This isn’t as affordable as $10 a month, but with an investment and a small monthly fee, you can satisfy your spinning love. Peloton has created an indoor-cycling studio experience that’s available in your home and in-house. With $1995, you will be purchasing an aluminum and carbon-steel spin bike and a 21-inch HD touchscreen TV. As you know, just alone, that TV can cost about half of that, so this is an excellent investment to save yourself time, stress, and the misery of not having gotten your favorite bike.

After you have purchased the bike, Peloton offers an immersive, top-notch indoor-cycling experience with expert coaches and 10 live rides per day, for $39/month. In addition, your stats will be shown at the NYC studio so you can see how you compare to real-time riders all over the country. They won’t brag, but some of them have raced in the Tour de France.

The Omni

Created by Virtuix, the Omni is the pinnacle of fitness gaming. Released in 2014, the Omni is a virtual reality gaming platform about the size of a La-Z-Boy, that allows you to run, crouch, jump, and pivot on its 360° treadmill. Each movement you make is interpreted through the specially designed Omni sneakers and synced with your game. With exotic landscapes, tough enemies, and sprawling battlefields, you’ll easily get some cardio as you sprint through these immersive cities. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll in an imagined world or a scenic run through a city that would be extremely expensive to visit in real life, your body will thank you for playing games. And so will your mind.

Customized Classes

Rather than signing up for a boot camp and getting a one-size-fits-all approach, the fitness industry has realized that people have specific needs that must be targeted to get the maximum benefit from their workouts. In this hybrid approach, you will still gather in a group setting, but your weaknesses will be targeted within the group. If you are a beginner, you’ll work with beginners and more advanced members will train with those of the same level. This ensures that everyone will get the training they need and more satisfaction from the session.

In addition, customized online training will be available. Elite coaches may be limited in your area or well out of your budget, but online trainers could cost half of a face-to-face session. You could receive discounts for enrolling early, referring your friends, and other special pricing that can fit into your financial goals. With online training, the responsibility of working out will be yours, so if you are self-motivated it could be a great option for you.

Gym Apps

According to Tim Vickey, a senior advisor at the American Council on Exercise, “Twenty percent of Americans belong to a gym, but only about 18 percent of those people are users of the gym.” With new technology, these numbers could skyrocket as people become more aware of their health. Wearables and trackers can monitor health all day and create a comprehensive picture of the need for more exercise.

woman pairing her fitness app to gym equipmentThe largest tech convention, CES 2018, proves this field is blooming. Each year this convention brings thousands and counts itself as the leader of tech conventions. From weights with sensors to daily reports of your recovery and musculature needs to mental training, you will find yourself healthier than ever before. The Fitness Tech Summit, a special panel, introduces potential customers to the ideas of some of the largest sports technology companies such as tech-assisted training, performance analytics, nutritional and DNA analysis, social media, and connected equipment.

Let’s go a little further into some of the helpful apps and philosophies that are out.

Anytime Fitness

Reports. Anytime Fitness has created an app that pairs your wearables with the gym equipment you are using. Just place your wearable device on your equipment, workout, and receive detailed workout reports.

Gold’s Gym

Listening to music is a great addition to any workout regimen. Gold’s Gym has taken advantage of this fact and embedded their songs with a personalized coach.

MyZone App

Bannatynes, a health club, has begun crunching numbers. Using the myZone app, Bannatynes is building an atmosphere of competitiveness. Large screens display member’s heart rates as they bike in a spin class or body combat, while rowing machines contain consoles that encourage you to “race” against the people around you. Through a combination of workout music, encouraging yells from your instructor, on-screen data pitting you against your neighbor, and disco lighting, Bannatynes is cultivating an atmosphere of serious fitness.

The future of fitness is varied, customized, and geared to get you off your couch and having fun.

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