Male Ultracore Review – The New King of Male Performance

    “I believed most male enhancement products were B.S…..until I came across Male UltraCore!”


    First, let me begin by stating I am a personal trainer and work for a nationally-known fitness company that operates gyms and spas across the U.S. and in Canada.  I am very familiar with, and consider myself an expert on, nutrition and supplements and what I discovered in Male UltraCore literally blew my mind.  Granted, as a personal trainer, and particularly one that has been working with individuals and groups for more than 15 years, I’m not supposed to have my mind blown.  But Male UltraCore did the trick.

    As a trainer, I work with both men and women who want to either maintain their athletic shape or those who have neglected their health and want to get back into shape.  I’ve seen all shapes and sizes and there are a variety of reasons why people come to me.  Most, though, fall into the category of having let themselves go and they want to do something about it.  Most of my female clients want to get in shape in order to feel better about themselves.  With my male clients, the two primary reasons they want to get into shape is to either attract members of the opposite sex or to rekindle the flame with their significant other that used to burn bright but now is only a flicker.  With men, it always seems to revolve around sex, so I try to work with them to improve their physical appearance, tweak their diets to add more protein, and increase testosterone levels with certain supplements – all designed to help them “perform” better, if you know what I mean.  With that said, I was astonished to hear what happened to one of my patients who started taking Male UltraCore.

    Now, as a trainer, I viewed all over-the-counter male enhancement solutions as nothing short of bullshit.  In other words, when one of my clients, someone I’ve been working with the last year, told me about Male UltraCore, I was obviously skeptical.  I have several male clients who have confided in me about their low sex drive, hoping that exercise and diet can help reverse their situation.  Some have resorted to taking a couple of the well-known male enhancement pills while others have taken the little blue pill.  I personally have never recommended anyone take male enhancement pills and certainly not the little blue pill, as I try to help men address these issues naturally through exercise and diet.  The surprising thing about this particular client is that in the last several weeks, he’s been literally jumping up and down about how much better his sex life has been, how grateful – and turned on – his wife is and how much his confidence is back.  Being the self-assured personal trainer that I am, I thought the change my client experienced was the result of the exercise and diet regimen I have him on.  That is, until he told me about Male UltraCore. Initially, he didn’t want to tell me since I was taking credit for his improvement.  But after confessing the truth, he told me I should recommend it to all of my male clients who want to perform better and last longer in the bedroom.  According to him, size is only the beginning.


    My Client Story:

    happy married couple in bed

    The real change for my client occurred about 3 months ago when he started taking Male UltraCore.  He travels regularly for work and is gone, on average, about 1 to 2 weeks out of the month.  Increased work-related stress, along with additional travel, started to take a toll on him and was now negatively impacting his sex life.  I can say that these things can frequently contribute to reduced sex drive in a lot of men.  It wasn’t always like this.  He told me when he and his wife first got married, their sex lives were off the charts.  They are both generally reserved people, but in the bedroom, he explained that they were like wild animals and sometimes they would go at it all night long.

    After the stress kicked in and his sex drive took a nose dive (pun intended), his wife didn’t want him to leave his job since it paid him a great salary.  Although he was making good money, the stress was wreaking havoc on his sex life.  On top of that, his wife began being very disinterested, distracted and distant; the three Ds, he called it.  He had stopped initiating sex a long time ago and now she had stopped too.  Anytime they did get intimate, it was grossly underwhelming, as if they were simply going through the motions.  That’s when he decided to come see me and get back into shape, hoping diet and exercise would be the answer to his dilemma.  We were able to get him into much better shape and improved his diet, but his sex life only improved marginally.

    This went on for some time and while he did try over the counter male enhancements that have been around for a few years, he didn’t like the fact that they made him feel strange.  He could get the occasional erection, but he couldn’t maintain it for very long.  Plus, his erections were beginning to feel numb; it was somewhat hard but he could barely feel any sensation.  It’s crazy that I have a client confiding in me like this, but we’ve actually developed a pretty good friendship over the last year and he trusts me.

    He continues telling me that it was only by happenstance that he came across Male UltraCore while doing some research about all-natural ways to increase his libido.  He noticed that Male UltraCore was 100% natural and everything he had tried so far made him feel artificial.  Satisfied that it was safe to take, he made his first purchase.  Everything else up to this point had been a failure.  What did he have to lose?

    Almost immediately after taking Male UltraCore daily, my client noticed steady improvement in his sex drive and an ability to not only get an erection, but he was getting erections that were fuller and harder.  On top of that, he could maintain his erection for long periods of time.  Also, unlike some of the other things he had tried, he didn’t feel numb at all.  In fact, he felt just the opposite.  He was extremely sensitive; now every time his wife touches him sexually, he “springs” into action and is ready to go.  The way he describes it, he and his wife are back to having all night sessions, even to the point where it’s made him late for work a couple of times.  He’s able to do it 3 or 4 times a night and he, and his wife, noticed that he’s ejaculating in larger volumes.

    After realizing that this dramatic change wasn’t a result of my regimen, but the result of Male UltraCore, I needed to check it out for myself.


    What I Discovered:

    male ultracore box and bottleI made my first purchase of Male UltraCore and right off the bat, I discovered that it’s very competitive, price-wise, to the leading male enhancement supplement.  I thought because it’s all natural, it would cost significantly more.  That’s not the case.  Before I purchased Male UltraCore, I read the recommended dosage and purchased a 30-day supply.

    I could have purchased more, because when you do, you can also become a free member online and will get a pretty good volume discount.  Because Male UltraCore is all natural and is recommended to be taken every day, it should become a normal part of your daily nutritional routine.  But, since I was still skeptical, I was only going to start off with a 30-day supply.

    I was also drawn to the fact that Male UltraCore is 100% natural and, as a nutrition and supplement aficionado, that was very important to me.  If you look at what’s in the other male enhancement products and then look at what’s in Male UltraCore, you’ll be amazed.  In the leading enhancements, there are things I cannot pronounce and, frankly, don’t think I want to be putting into my body.  In Male UltraCore, everything is all natural and safe to take.  The irony here is that the combination of ingredients in Male UltraCore are much more powerful than the other stuff.


    Here’s what makes this stuff so powerful:

    VI-PEX Technology

    • VI-PEX Technology allows for the expansion of blood vessels in the penis to increase blood flow that will result in a thicker, fuller erection. In Male UltraCore, VI-PEX isn’t a temporary effect that works for just a few minutes and then it peters out (pun intended).  This technology allows a man to have his absolute fullest, longest-lasting, hardest erection yet.
    • VI-PEX is safe and effective and men can take it every day without having to worry about decreasing blood pressure. Within VI-PEX is L-Arginine, the amino acid that leads to the creation of cGMP, which is a compound that acts as a natural relaxant and dilator of blood vessels.  But, because there are inhibitors in our body that prevent the creation of cGMP (such as Phosphodeiesterase-5 or PDE-5), Vi-PEX removes those impediments so that blood flow to the penis becomes more like a 10-lane highway with no speed limit.  This, oddly enough, can also contribute to good heart health.  So, men can improve their sexual health and be at ease that it’s good for them.  All of this leads to quickly getting and maintaining stronger, harder erections.

    STEM Technology

    • STEM technology is a unique, all-natural ingredient developed specifically for Male UltraCore. If you want to boost your testosterone, then STEM Technology is the way to do it. When combining testosterone boosters with enzyme inhibitors, the result is the maintaining and buildup of what is known as free testosterone (a small amount of testosterone that can be absorbed by the body’s muscles).  What STEM Technology does is increase the amount of free testosterone 24/7, so the overall level of testosterone in a man’s body is increased with the use of Male UltraCore.  The more testosterone, the greater the sex drive, the harder the penis, the longer the performance, the happier the woman

    VI-PEX and STEM Technology Combined

    • When combined, VI-PEX and STEM Technology provide what is arguably the most dynamic and potent male enhancement recipe ever created.  The greatest part is these ingredients have been put together naturally, making Male UltraCore the most effective and dynamic male enhancement supplement a man can get his hands on.  I don’t know why no one thought of this before.

    bottle of male ultracore

    100% Natural Ingredients:

    Male UltraCore doesn’t end with VI-PEX and STEM Technology, there are additional ingredients that, when combined and are working together, will give men the dynamic kick their sex drive needs.  These ingredients include:

    Tonkat Ali

    • Some people may know this as either LongJack or Eurycoma Longifolia. It is widely considered to be one of the most robust ingredients that can naturally increase a man’s libido, erection size and endurance when it comes to sexual activity.  It also decreases PDE-5 (that inhibitor that keeps us from experiencing maximum blood flow) so that men can maintain harder erections longer.


    • If you’ve never heard of Ashwagandha, then you should know that it’s an ancient medicinal herb that has been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels and fertility in men. It also can help keep the penis from losing its erection during sexual activity due to its free calcium ion inhibitor characteristics.


    • To help increase free testosterone in the body, Male UltraCore includes an FDA-compliant Fenugreek extract. This neat little extract reduces the 5-alpha reductase enzyme which can lead to enlargement of the prostate.  With Fenugreek, men can enjoy increased testosterone levels without having to worry about prostate enlargement from the 5-alpha reductase enzyme.

    Zinc and Magnesium Aspertate

    • Also known as ZMA, Zinc and Magnesium Aspertate, is the result of combining critically important minerals to significantly improve the production of testosterone. While Zinc is important for sustaining proper levels of testosterone, Magnesium Aspertate contributes to the transformation of free cholesterol to testosterone.  ZMA is a key ingredient in Male UltraCore because it operates as the foundation for boosting testosterone levels while other ingredients work to maintain free testosterone levels.


    • As an amino acid that behaves as a precursor to nitric acid, L-Arginine is the catalyst to creating the key compound that results in vasodilation. It ultimately creates cGMP that relaxes and dilates blood vessels, leading to significantly improved blood flow.  L-Arginine is also enhanced by the other components in the Male UltraCore formula, such as Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed.

    Horny Goat Weed

    • Epimedium Sagittatum, also known as Horny Goat Weed, helps to boost testosterone levels while also reducing the effects of PDE-5 (remember, that inhibitor that keeps us from experiencing maximum blood flow). The active component in Horny Goat Weed is Icariin, which, when increased in the body, contributes to increased libido and sex drive. Male UltraCore features a 60% Icariin extract, which is the most potent form of Icariin extract widely available today.

    Tribulus Terrestris

    • Tribulus Terrestris contributes to the retention of testosterone levels in the body. In short, Tribulus Terrestris helps build up testosterone (a great thing for men) while also preventing the metabolism of testosterone into estrogen (something men do NOT want more of).

    Maca Root

    • Macca Root is a Peruvian plant that is grown in the Andes mountains. While often used in cooking, it also provides benefits such as increased libido, fertility and endurance.  More specifically, it inhibits neurotransmitters that contribute to men being insensitive to sexual stimuli once orgasm has been reached.  This means men can have more erections and more sex for longer periods of time.

    Muira Puama

    • Muira Puama contributes to increased testosterone levels, size and hardness of erections.

    Damiana Extract

    • Damiana Extract is a natural substance that can enhance memory and other cognitive functions, including increased responsiveness to sexual stimulus.

    Xanthaparmelia Scabrosa

    • Working with ZMA, Xanthaparmelia Scabrosa is a very effective testosterone booster.


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    My own experience:

    Once I began taking Male UltraCore myself, it only took about 30 days for me to notice the results.  It indicates that it could take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to see results, but the time for me was shorter.  I have a very active social life and have no problem getting to know ladies.  After I began taking Male UltraCore and began noticing the effects, one lady in particular that I’ve been seeing for a little while noticed that my sexual prowess jumped a couple of notches.  To put it bluntly, we always had great sex, but never to this degree.  There was one period where we went almost non-stop for about 6 hours.  She was so worn out that she slept for another 12 hours.

    After all of this, I’m starting to take note of the process as described by Male UltraCore and how I’m getting so erect, so hard and so potent.

    First stage:  Male UltraCore VI-PEX technology kicks into gear.  The blood rushes to my penis and my erection becomes so full and hard that it’s hard (another intended pun) to believe this is all natural.  I’ve always been a pretty good size, but I think the VI-PEX technology is fully maximizing my size in ways I’ve never experienced before.

    Second stage: The PDE-5 inhibitors in Male UltraCore come into play.  The increased blood flow and maximized size and hardness really

    Stage three: Next, Male UltraCore STEM technology seems to come into play.  Along with an erect penis, I’m not just horny, but my sex drive is very heightened, and I can tell my girlfriend is really turned on by this.

    Stage four: My sex drive seems to kick into overdrive and no matter how long my girlfriend and I go at it.  The STEM technology further boosts my testosterone levels and allows me to maintain my erection over very long periods.  My stamina is off the charts and 6 hours of sex is now a reality.

    Stage five: With the VI-PEX and STEM technologies working together, Male UltraCore acts as the ultimate weapon men could leverage in order to have bigger, fuller, harder erections for the best sex of their lives.


    How Male UltraCore’s Loyalty Program Works

    Male UltraCore rewards its loyal customers with amazing discounts and benefits. If you’d visit their website, you’d notice that Male UltraCore is quite open with their monthly subscription plan for their customers. This is to encourage customers to take Male UltraCore as intended. Male UltraCore is designed to have a compounding effect that increases the impact of the formula to your sexual health the more you take the product.

    If you think about it, taking Male UltraCore monthly should be a no-brainer. There’s no reason to take Male UltraCore for a month and just stop – you won’t get the benefits you want that way. Although Male UltraCore can deliver amazing results in such a short period of time, you’d be missing out on the best results of Male UltraCore if you opt out earlier than expected.

    Male UltraCore launched the Loyalty Program to reward customers who take Male UltraCore for at least three months consecutively. By simply staying with the subscription for three months, you get automatically upgraded to the Loyalty Program, which gives you a $40 discount on your monthly subscription starting on the 4th month. It’s not a one-time discount that many other brands offer, but a permanent discount for as long as you keep your subscription. Amazing, isn’t it?

    The savings is just a part of the equation. Taking Male UltraCore for longer than three months would allow you to maintain the benefits that Male UltraCore provides. Just like how you won’t suddenly stop taking vitamins daily, taking Male UltraCore continues to protect and enhance your sexual health for as long as you continue to take the product. Considering the price you pay for Male UltraCore, there’s no doubt that Male UltraCore gives you the most value out of all the male enhancement products offered on the market today.


    My conclusion and recommendation:

    a loving couple holding their hands

    Male UltraCore is the real deal, period!  I’ve taken supplements for my entire adult life and always believed I was maxed out on my sex drive and testosterone levels.  After taking Male UltraCore, I am completely blown away.  As my client stated, size is the just the beginning.  Because of increased hardness, longevity, endurance and sex drive, I’ll be taking Male UltraCore every day from now on.  I’ll also recommend it to my male clients, as I’m sure most of them could use some help in this department.  I just hope I don’t wear out my girlfriend, but something tells me she’s enjoying herself, and me, just fine.

    But, there is one thing I would share with anyone looking to take Male UltraCore to enhance their sex life. READ THE INGREDIENTS AND POTENTIAL RESULTS OF MALE ULTRACORE FIRST!  This stuff is no joke.  If any man is really serious about dramatically improving his sex life, the search for the ideal solution ends here with Male UltraCore.


    Is Male UltraCore safe to take?

    • Male UltraCore is 100% natural and safe to take every day.  Not only can it significantly improve a man’s erection, hardness and endurance, it provides increased testosterone that can positively impact men’s overall health.

    What are the ingredients in Male UltraCore?

    • Male UltraCore has all-natural ingredients, such as Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek, Zinc and Magnesium Aspertate, L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Root, Muira Puama, Damiana Extract and Xanthaparmelia Scabrosa

    Can Male UltraCore be taken every day?

    • Because it’s all natural, Male UltraCore can be taken every day

    How long does it take to notice the effects of Male UltraCore?

    • The effects of Male UltraCore can be noticed in as little as 30 days for some, but may take as long as 90-days for others.

    Is Male UltraCore expensive?

    • No, Male UltraCore is prices competitively when compared to the leading male enhancement products, in spite of it being 100% natural.

    Do I need a prescription to get Male UltraCore?

    • A prescription from your doctor is not needed to purchase Male UltraCore

    Will taking Male UltraCore increase the size of my penis?

    • The way Male UltraCore works is it increases the fullness of men’s erections, allowing more blood to flow into the penis for harder, fuller erections that can be sustained over longer periods of time.

    Are there any dangerous ingredients in Male UltraCore?

    • Male UltraCore is 100% natural.  While the ingredients are potent and designed to lead to fuller, harder erections along with an increased sex drive, it can be taken safely on a daily basis.


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