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Lipogenix Elite Product Review

Lipogenix Elite Product Review

Google Lipogenix Elite and odds are you’ll soon be hit with glowing banners and reviews screaming “Lipogenix Elite is the fastest-selling fat burner on the market” alongside raving testimonials stating “Lipogenix Elite is amazing! I lost 35 pounds in 3 months”, “Lipogenix Elite WORKS I lost weight while gaining muscle!” and “Zero side effects, 100% effective”.


Lipogenix Elite is doing the impossible and generating such positive reviews that an unprecedented nationwide discussion and interest in this natural supplement has literally gone viral. How could a product organically create so much hype? How could a natural supplement produce such extreme results? Was there a catch? Could these reviews withstand the scrutiny of an investigative medical team? Was it possible? Three of the consulting physicians for webmdmen got together and analyzed the formulation of Lipogenix Elite and the scientifically possible results in contrast with a random comprehensive sampling of product reviews. Dr. Boyd Rice, Dr. Jeremy McDougall, and Dr. Marcia Hill are all a part of the network of physicians working together here to provide accessible medical advice and answers to common male health issues and questions.


What you need to know about Lipogenix Elite

lipogenix-elite-what-you-need-to-know-aboutLipogenix Elite is a clinically tested and verified fat burning supplement shown to contain 100% natural ingredients and no fillers or black market variations of pharmaceutical drugs. The ingredients in Lipogenix Elite work together to increase the metabolism by burning extra fat cells and calories. Lipogenix Elite also works to increase energy levels and support the growth and definition of muscles through physical activity. No known side-effects exist from taking Lipogenix Elite and 97.2% of people taking this product report weight loss exceeding 30 pounds.


Lipogenix Elite contains 8 multi-faceted ingredients that have each been tested independently and in conjunction with each other to be effective and safe for facilitating weight loss and muscle definition.


  1. Caffelipogenix-elite-ingredients-1-caffeineine – Lipogenix Elite contains a potent herbal tea extract with high levels of caffeine that naturally stimulates fat burning, increased metabolism,mental focus and memory.



  1. lipogenix-elite-ingredients-2-glucuronolactoneGlucuronolactone – is a molecular compound used in your body and a part of every major structural component in the formation of connective tissues. In addition, to muscle growth and definition.


  1. Phenylethylamine HCL is a natural compound used throughout your body for increasing cognitive function, weight loss, and concentration. In addition, increasing focus and motivation during athletic activity.lipogenix-elite-ingredients-3-phenylethylamine-hcl


  1. Synephrine Caprylate belongs to the family of nitrogen atoms classified as Alkaloids. Synephrine Caprylate is present in trace amounts in some citrus fruits like oranges. Your body burns more calories and fat cells from taking Synephrine Caprylate as it increased the metabolic process through lipolysis.



  1. Nettle Leaf – has been clinically proven to be one of the most effective methods for reducing appetite and unhealthy cravings.




  1. Yohimbe Extract – is compound apart of the indole alkaloid family. It is an important part of Lipogenix Elite because it causes the blood vessels to dilate which improves blood flow and circulation. Metabolism is increased if blood flow is increased. Increased blood flow elevates your metabolism.


  1. Picamilon – is a niacin-containing compound effective for suppressing appetite while also increasing fat burning. Picamilon contains multiple organic properties that increase blood flow and nicotinic acid production. Picamilon increases metabolism by increasing nitric oxide production which increases blood flow.



  1. Inositol Niacinate – is a compound that lowers lipid containing fat cells by burning fat cells and increasing blood flow and metabolism. Fat cells are burned instead of sticking to muscle




What results do people report from taking Lipogenix Elite?

Lipogenix Elite Testimonial 

Lauren Carlson, St. Joseph Michigan

“Lipogenix Elite helped me lose 30 pounds in less than 4 months. I stopped watching my weight after my kids were born and it wasn’t until I realized my youngest would be starting middle school in a few short months and I’d be joining the workforce again that I realized how much weight I’d gained. I needed a solution that would fit into my busy schedule as a stay at home mom to 3 boys and interview for a new position after being out of the workforce for 17 years. Lipogenix Elite was a godsend for this mamma! Not only did it increase my energy levels, it almost effortlessly eliminated by constant snacking and helped me focus during interviews all while losing weight!.”


Product Review Analysis

 Dr. Boyd Rice

“Mrs. Carlson stated three important details that need to be investigated before we can officially agree that the results reported could be scientifically possible and authentic.


  • Lipogenix Elite helped her lose 30 pounds in under 4 months
  • Lipogenix Elite increased her energy levels
  • Lipogenix Elite reduced her appetite and snacking habits


“It is completely possible for Lipogenix Elite to have increased her metabolism and vasodilation process enough to cause a 30-pound weight loss. Increased metabolism also supports increased energy levels and motivation. Reduced appetite undoubtedly occurs in any individual taking Lipogenix Elite. Picamilon and Nettle Leaf have known appetite suppressants and very effective in controlling overeating and cravings. Improved cognitive function as mentioned in regards to preparing and acing job interviews is also scientifically possible from taking Lipogenix Elite. Phenylethylamine HCL and to a lower extent Caffeine, are both shown to enhance cognitive ability and memory.”


Lipogenix Elite Testimonial 

Jacob Moyal, Franklin MA

“I’ve played sports since I was a kid and all through high school and college. I really noticed the change in my energy and weight once I started the 9-5 grind and no longer had the chance to play sports competitively. I wanted to lose the weight and start bodybuilding. I figured it would be a great way for me to be athletically competitive without a whole sports team. I started taking Lipogenix Elite and it gave me the boost I needed to fuel weight loss and reignite my competitive athletic streak.”


Product Review Analysis

Dr. Jeremy McDougall

Lipogenix Elite is a dual acting fat burner and muscle building enhancement product. The combination of ingredients both fuel weight loss, energy and the nutrients needed by your body to facilitate muscle growth and definition. Lipogenix Elite causes fat burning by increasing your metabolism by increasing blood flow and nitric oxide production. Increased blood flow alone works to increase muscle growth and energy. Glucuronolactone incorporates an additional level of muscle growth by increasing the production of the nutritional compounds apart of the basic building blocks of muscle growth. The multi-faceted components of Lipogenix Elite absolutely do permit for all of the improvements to weight loss, energy and muscle growth reported by Mr. Moyal.”


Lipogenix Elite Testimonial 

Russ Elliott, Norfolk VA

“I’m an amateur bodybuilder. I’ve had a decent 6 pack for most of my life. After, I retired and slipped up on my regular workout routine in place of travel and enjoying the relaxed lifestyle of a 60 some old retired man. My metabolism had also been steadily going downhill ever since I hit 40. No longer working out every day combined with a reduced metabolism in conjunction with a more indulgent lifestyle equaled a significant amount of weight gain in a very short amount of time. It wasn’t until I went on a visit to see my son and his wife that I realized there was a way to keep up my body and still enjoy the perks of retirement. My daughter-in-law started teasing me about how she’d never seen me without a 6 pack and missed it as I carried it well. It was a shame. Of course, I loved it that she’d recognized the hard work I had put in all of those years at the gym. It also stung a bit to realize I’d really aged and it was starting to show physically. She’s a personal trainer and mentioned how she’s been recommending her clients take Lipogenix Elite after they’d taken a break from being disciplined about their workouts. It jump starts your metabolism and fueled increased energy to workout out by burning fat and extra calories. Lipogenix Elite did exactly what she said it would and helped me get back in good shape. I quickly lost the extra weight I gained since retiring and had the energy to make it the gym again for 3 days a week. I’ll be going out to visit my son again soon and looking forward to showing my daughter-in-law how much her recommendation has transformed my approach to keeping my 6 pack in top form despite being retired!


Product Review Analysis

Dr. Marcia Hill

“That is a rather lengthy review yet several main themes quickly emerge and remain consistent throughout about the results and ease of taking Lipogenix Elite. Mr. Eliot started to experience a decrease in muscle size and an increase in weight gain after retirement due to lack of exercise and increased food consumption. In addition, to a natural decrease in metabolism due to aging. He reported finding that Lipogenix Elite helped to restore his metabolism to a higher level experienced before becoming middle aged and the energy levels, nutrients intake and health to gain back his former physique despite his increased age. Inositol Niacinate, Yohimbe Extract, Picamilon, Synephrine Caprylate all serve to increase your metabolism and in combination could stand to increase your metabolism at the dramatic level experienced by Mr. Eliot. Glucuronolactone stimulates the production of organic compounds that build the tissues and hence muscle growth and definition. Nettle Leaf alongside with the dual actioned agent Picamilon substantially decreases appetite which results in portion control without changing your diet. The results experienced by Mr. Eliot would appear to be a normal chain of events resulting from the increase in organic fat burning and muscle building properties and nutrients contained in Lipogenix Elite.



lipogenix-elite-conclusionLipogenix Elite is an effective product that supports all of the outstanding product reviews and acclaim surrounding this product. It has been clinically tested and widely recommended and supported throughout the medical community. The majority of natural supplement products employ the use of fillers which greatly reduce the quality and effectiveness of the supplement. Studies show that almost 80% of natural supplements use undisclosed filler ingredients which comprise the formula to the extent that it is no longer effective and a public health risk. Lipogenix Elite is a rare find in this industry and the driving reason behind its continued popularity and support within the medical community.

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