Life Extension Mix – Will it produce the best results?

    Life Extension Mix - Will it produce the best results?

    Making sure you get the right supplement for your needs, especially when it comes down to battling against old age, can become a struggle in itself! Figuring out which formula is going to be the most relevant for what you are trying to achieve is not easy if you are not familiar with the different types of ingredients that are available.

    The reviews produced by us are reliable because we make the comparisons based on scientific facts that we have carefully taken years of research to produce and the information gathered from clinical trials confirm a product’s legitimacy.

    Product description

    Muscle fatigue recoveryLife Extension Mix is a specially designed multivitamin which will keep the body in good health. It ensures that the cells in the body live a fuller and richer life by providing the necessary nutrition which enables conducive conditions for them to live and work. Hemoglobin is provided to the red blood cells and so this transports oxygen around the body allowing plasma in the blood to carry waste to the kidneys such as urea and reduce toxic substances.

    You can live longer, so long as the system is taken care of. By ensuring that cells are not over-strained this allows them to live longer too and eliminates the body from having to make more. When the functions are optimized such metabolic rates, immune system boosting and muscle fatigue recovery this keeps you in the best possible shape.

    There are natural extracts included in this product no harmful chemicals are used.

    This supplement is a cleanser on to of being a health booster!


    Life Extension Mix - FormulaThe following is a list of the ingredients included in this product: green tea extracts, raspberry ketones and citrus extracts. When combined these substances supply you with an array of vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, B, C and K.

    This product was not designed to be suitable for most persons who are under the age of 18. You should keep out of reach of children unless recommended under medical supervision. Please do not use this product simultaneously with other medications.

    There are zero risks of side effects as the ingredients were verified healthy foods, vegetables, fruits and herbs. However, symptoms that could arise as a result of ingredient interaction are bloating stomachs, heart burns, hyper acidity and nausea.

    Conducted clinical research proves that 15% of general health is improved within five months of consistent use of this supplement.


    Sadly, this is a very slow process and effects take a while to become noticeable. You must maintain a steady healthy lifestyle and diet combined with this product.

    As one of the  is also one of the most expensive supplements of the market today at $61.45 for 490 capsule when you must also consume 14 tablets a day (which is suggested to be split into two servings of 7 tablets at a time) – this can all be quite off-putting for consumers.

    Our conclusion

    Optimal Omega is, in fact the most advanced formula of today and only costs $19.95!


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