Lean 650 by Generation X – How well does this product work and is it safe?

    Lean 650 by Generation X - How well does this product work and is it safe?

    Some products are marketed by their risks to entice men to buy. Company’s call bluff and promote a product as harmful, in order to create attention.

    Our reviews are here to tell you the truth about holistic remedies and guide you into finding the right and most legitimate supplements.

    What is the purpose of the product?

    6-bDespite being classed as a potentially dangerous supplement for health Lean 650 is a product that certain people still continue to use. It is a remedy that seems to proudly warn all customers that the pills sold could be harmful to health as to spark an interest.

    Some people ignore the fact that this product’s primary fat burning ingredient is DMAA (which is, in fact, banned). Instead they opt for thinking that the product is more effective and have the idea that if it is dangerous and potent in this way, then it should work better.

    Although the substance may trigger weight loss it can also potentially be dangerous and inflict cardiovascular problems.

    Working like any other thermogenic fat burner – according to the manufacturer, this supplement contains Caffeine Anhydrous. This component is known to boost energy as well as suppresses the appetite.

    Ingredients & formula

    6-aThese are the elements that are included in this combination: Caffeine Anhydrous, Betaine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, L-Carnitine, Methyl Synephrine and 1, 3 Dimethylamine (DMAA).

    However, it should be mentioned that DMAA has been discovered to be a dangerous substance. And when it is combined together with other stimulants like Caffeine, there is a much higher risk factor to consider.

    It may be OK for some, as those who are already tolerant to supplements might not experience the same side effects of someone who is sensitive or new to these products.

    Always ask a doctor’s advice to assess your personal risks when taking supplements that contain DMAA and Caffeine.

    Palpitations and hypertension may be side effects that occur as a result of consumption.


    Most American retailers have rightly taken this product off of their shelves and discontinued the sale as it is a banned brand and for this reason, we cannot disclose the information about dosage or price.

    Our conclusion

    As an illegal product, there is no way we would recommend this supplement for any other that contain DMAA. When this substance is mixed with caffeine, it is extremely dangerous. Despite being able to may help you burn fat, the risks are too high.

    Many thermogenic supplements are available as alternatives that can deliver fantastic results fast and simply.

    The best example is GarciniaX which you can purchase for $19.95 (a saving of $60 from its original price $79.95) for a one month supply. Clinically tested and proven to be the most advanced and safe formula of its kind it helps to control your diet and thus burn fat faster.

    It uses the best natural ingredients to incur benefits that can be noticed, pretty much, immediately. Some of the components involved are Potassium, Calcium and Chromium.


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