Key Lifestyle Changes To Make For A Healthier And Longer Life

by Webmd Men Staff
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You are not going to stay young forever. Once you reach a certain age, your cells, tissues, muscles, and organs will start to deteriorate. You will encounter all sorts of pains and aches that younger you did not have to endure. You will find yourself at risk of a long list of diseases that will force you to make better choices when it comes to the food that you eat, the activities that you do, and the habits that you develop. The following are important changes in your life that you must start doing now to enjoy a healthy mind and body for a very long time:

You have to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Are you a picky eater? When was the last time you had greens in your meal? If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should start including more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Doing so protects you from a long list of diseases, and gives your body all the necessary minerals and nutrients that it needs for optimum performance.

You should get enough sleep.

Key Lifestyle Changes To Make For A Healthier And Longer LifeDo you have a hard time sleeping? Do you often lie awake in your bed for hours at night, counting sheep, hoping the slumber god will visit you soon? Sleeping 6 to 8 hours a day is crucial to the proper functioning of the body. It lets your brain and other body parts to recuperate and recharge for another long and hectic day ahead. If you lack sleep, you will find it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand, and have no energy to keep up with the demands asked of you in school or at work.

You have to make sure you are always hydrated.

How many glasses of water do you drink per day? Do you bring a water bottle with you every time you go the gym? When working out, running, and doing other physically demanding activities, you have to have easy access to drinking water to not leave your body thirsty for longer than necessary. Dehydration can seriously mess you up, and cause headaches, dizziness, and even heat stroke.

You need to exercise regularly.

Do you work a desk job? Can you spend an entire day in bed or on the couch just watching tv? Living a sedentary lifestyle can bring about various health problems. It can put you at risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. It can also lead to weaker bones and loss of muscle mass. Everyday, you should strive to get as much exercise as possible to prevent these dangers. You can start out with simple routines, like walking a kilometer or so in the morning or at night, or doing 20 minutes on the stationary bike.

You should enjoy more home cooked meals.

Are you always too busy to cook and often get takeout for dinner? How many times a week do you eat at fastfoods? While eating out is not really a bad thing, doing it too frequently may introduce your body to a ton of unhealthy food elements that lead to health problems. Your favorite burger and fries meal? That upsized soft drink? These contain a lot of extra calories, fats, grease, and sugar that your body does not need. If you want to be healthy, plan and prepare your own meals. There are many simple, healthy recipes online that should not take you no longer than 15 minutes to prepare.

You should stay in touch with family and friends.

Do you like spending time with your college friends? How often do you see your parents or siblings? Creating strong social bonds play a big role in your overall health. If you have people around you that you love, like, and trust, you feel happier about your life. In times of trouble, you know that you have them to rely on. Knowing that you are not alone is important to keep your mental and emotional states in the right place.

You need be open to learn new things.

Getting new hobbies or interests should help keep your brain active. You can study a new language, learn how to knit, grow your own herb garden, or volunteer for social work in your community. You can make a list of things that you want to do before you die. By keeping yourself active and busy, those negative feelings and emotions that always haunt you can be kept at bay.

You have to quit smoking.

Are you a smoker? How many packs can you finish in a day? Smoking is bad for your health. It exposes your body to nicotine and other toxic chemicals that are extremely harmful to the lungs, the heart, and other vital organs. If you do not quit as soon as possible, you are endangering yourself to a multitude of serious diseases, like stroke, cerebrovascular disease, lung cancer, coronary heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

You should try meditation.

Key Lifestyle Changes To Make For A Healthier And Longer LifeDo you have anxiety issues? Does your school or work environment subject you to so much stress? Being an adult comes with a lot of pressure. It can be challenging to make time for both your personal life and career. But, if you try meditation, you can relax your mind, lower your stress levels, boost your concentration, and manage your anxiety.

You have to visit your doctor.

How often do you see a medical professional? Are you one of those people who do not think an annual checkup is not necessary? Not all diseases trigger warning signs. A lot of them can affect you without you noticing. Even if you feel like you are at your 100%, or are not experiencing any discomforts, you should not be so sure that you are completely disease-free. Serious medical conditions, like diabetes, pancreatic cancer, HIV, Chlamydia, colon cancer, and hypertension, can bring about terrifying harm and damage to your body, and they can hide inside you, undetected, for a very long time, until you undergo a medical test or exam.

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