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John Giardino, Founder, and CEO of the powerhouse supplement company, UltraCore Supplements, met with the editors of to discuss the emerging trends in the supplement industry. As the chief of one of the most innovative supplement companies today, John is considered by many as a cunning businessman and a visionary. His business created Male UltraCore, the world’s most power-packed supplement to date. In this interview, John discussed the new role of supplements in the world of fitness and health, and how it can potentially change the industry, from being an optional health measure to an integral factor in maintaining a person’s health.

WebMDMen: You seem fit for a CEO of such a major company. How long have you been working out?

John Giardino: Fitness has always been a passion for me. I’ve been working out since I was in my teens, and it’s been a part of my daily life since. I have this mantra that there’s always room for improvement, and that’s how I approached my body’s performance, and even at work. I know that if I keep working on something, I’ll get better. That’s how I keep my mind focused on fitness.

WebMDmen: How did you get involved in the supplement industry?

John Giardino: You know, after so many years of working out and trying to get better, I learned that nutrition is just as important as your workouts. Supplements became a huge part of my fitness. Proteins, PWOs, fat burners; it’s all part of the cycle for me. I got really interested in testosterone supplements after learning a bit about testosterone and what it can do for me, but at the time, no company had what I needed – what every man needed, which is a testosterone supplement that had the proper dosage and potency, and that’s why I started UltraCore Supplements.

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WebMDMen: So you started UltraCore Supplements to make supplements for yourself?

John Giardino: Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But yes, I wanted a real testosterone supplement that I could take and share with everybody else, so I took what I learned from business school, got into talks with my team, and started UltraCore Supplements.

WebMDMen: I suppose you’re talking about Male UltraCore. How long did it take from planning to production of Male UltraCore?

John Giardino: It took a while because we want to make it right. I guess some companies wanted to get a product out there as quickly as possible, but we wanted to create something that no other brand offered; something that gives actual results you can see and feel, and it took about 5 years of planning and R&D to get Male UltraCore started.

WebMDMen: What were you looking to accomplish with Male UltraCore?

John Giardino: The problem we had with testosterone supplements at the time is that none of the products available had the proper dosage or potency. You see, the research is publicly available; just having the ingredients on the label is not enough, it needs to meet the dosage used in the studies for it to produce results as described in those studies,  so we created a power-packed supplement that has it all. John Giardino discusses Male UltraCore Male UltraCore gained recognition for its massive 2500mg daily dose, which is packed with natural testosterone boosters and vasodilators, geared for optimal performance. The natural testosterone-boosting complex of Male UltraCore engages different testosterone-boosting pathways, allowing the formula to further enhance its testosterone-boosting capabilities without increasing the risk of side effects.

WebMDMen: Can you tell us more about VI-PEX and STEM?

John Giardino: VI-PEX and STEM are the two main ingredient groups that we have in Male UltraCore. VI-PEX focuses on vasodilation, and STEM focuses on testosterone enhancement and retention. These two were originally planned as individual products that we want to put out in the market, along with our proprietary blend, which on its own is already a great testosterone-boosting product. We decided to put all three, VI-PEX, STEM, and our Proprietary blend in just one product to maximize the performance that our customers will experience when they take Male UltraCore.

WebMDMen: What separates Male UltraCore from the other testosterone boosters out there?

John Giardino: Male UltraCore is not just a testosterone booster, but an all-around performance enhancer for men. It sits right in the sweet spot where men, regardless of their age, can gain a superior advantage just by taking Male UltraCore. If you want better physical performance, sexual performance, muscle strength, pump – we made Male UltraCore the ultimate supplement to give you the best results possible. Another thing that sets us apart from other brands in the segment is that we use standardized extracts in our main ingredients, these extracts are purified to amplify the potency, giving you more for every serving you take of Male UltraCore.

WebMDMen: Was that what you were looking for when you started UltraCore Supplements?

John Giardino: Absolutely. You see, I’ve been into fitness my whole life, and the research is there to prove that these ingredients exist, and they work! We came up with this idea to bring it all together into one supplement because it just makes sense. Why give customers a lower dose when studies show that certain ingredients are only effective within a certain dosage? That’s what Male UltraCore is all about, staying true to the science.

WebMDMen: Is Male UltraCore everything you imagined it to be?

John Giardino: Now, yes. But back when we were still in the planning phase, we had experts telling us that it would be too expensive to create a supplement like Male UltraCore. I put together a new team that looked into ways to make Male UltraCore the way we want it to, and as a result, we are now offering the most power-packed supplement to our customers at prices that won’t break the bank.

WebMDMen: Our experts tell us that Male UltraCore should be priced higher than what you charge for it. Do you have anything you can share about why Male UltraCore is priced the way it is?

John Giardino: One of our main goals was to make Male UltraCore affordable for our customers. For me, it doesn’t make sense to create a great product with no one to use it. We genuinely believe that a great product will sell itself, so our marketing spending isn’t nearly as high as what other companies spend on marketing. We don’t have brand endorsers, just satisfied customers ready to share their success stories with our other potential customers. John Giardino discusses Male UltraCore Male UltraCore is ranked as the #1 male performance supplement by no less than 30 different review aggregate websites largely due to its accurate dosage and superior real-world performance. As highlighted in our review of Male UltraCore, the performance-boosting supplement segment changed, with many companies changing their formulas to compete with Male UltraCore. To date, Male UltraCore is still the only supplement on the market with the proper composition of ingredients that enhance testosterone and vasodilation, and it’s at least a generation ahead of its competitors when it comes to quality and pricing.  

WebMDMen: Is Male UltraCore a sexual enhancement supplement, or a testosterone supplement?

John Giardino: We created Male UltraCore to meet the individual needs of men, regardless of age. Testosterone and vasodilation is the common factor that links all of the performance-enhancing needs of men. That’s why Male UltraCore works for those who want superior sexual enhancement and physical performance. What’s great is that customers who are only on the market for sexual enhancement pills can also get the benefits of a muscle-building testosterone supplement, and those who take Male UltraCore to improve their physique can also enjoy the sexual enhancement benefits of the supplement. Either way, our customers get more with Male UltraCore than the average male performance supplement.

WebMDMen: Can you explain why Male UltraCore customers stick with Male UltraCore despite the other options in the market today?

John Giardino: at the end of the day, it’s all about results. Nobody will stick to a supplement product for months without experiencing significant results, and that’s why our customers continue to choose Male UltraCore as their performance-enhancing supplement. There’s a trove of different products out there today, but none performs quite like Male UltraCore. On top of that, our customers get plenty of perks. Male UltraCore members get free supplements every month, and they get exclusive content and the XR30 Total Home Fitness program. Health is always our #1 priority, and we give our customers all they need to maintain a healthy body.

WebMDMen: How do you feel about being the face of the brand?

John Giardino: It’s been fun, I get to share my journey with Male UltraCore, and I get more people interested in the product that we worked all these years to create. I wouldn’t want to hire an actor to pretend that he took Male UltraCore; I take Male UltraCore every day, and I want everyone to see what Male UltraCore can do. It also helps customers that I put my name out there for my company. With us, you know exactly who you are dealing with, and at the very least, that helps our customers trust our brand as they start their journey with us. John Giardino is the CEO and Founder of UltraCore Supplements, the company that markets and sells Male UltraCore supplements. John has appeared in several Male UltraCore web commercials, discussing the importance of testosterone and the superior advantage of Male UltraCore supplements.

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