Is Your Libido Low?

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    Low libido or low desire is frequently associated with low testosterone levels, also known as “Low T“. The symptoms of low testosterone include a decrease in sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and weight gain, loss of energy, moodiness and trouble sleeping. The good news? Many men who experience symptoms see a benefit from treatment for male sexual health issues.

    Testosterone is a male hormone made by the body. Most of the testosterone in a man’s body is produced in the testes.

    Testosterone helps:

    • Maintain reproductive tissues
    • Stimulate sperm production
    • Stimulate and maintain sexual function
    • Increase muscle mass and strength
    • Maintain bone strength


    If you answered “yes” to questions 1 or 7, or to at least three of the other questions, your symptoms may be caused by Low T. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and ask if you should be tested for low testosterone.

    Just like your cholesterol or blood pressure, there is a numerical range of testosterone levels (also known as T levels) that are considered normal. The brain and the testicles work together to keep testosterone within this range. When levels of testosterone are below normal, the brain signals the testicles to make more. When testosterone levels reach a normal level, the brain signals the testicles to make less.

    The signs and symptoms of Low T in men may be difficult to tell from the changes that occur with normal aging, or may be assumed to be caused by other medical conditions. So if you have symptoms of Low T, talk to your doctor and ask if you should have a blood test.

    If you have diabetes, ask your doctor if you should be tested for Low T. The Endocrine Society recommends that all men with type 2 diabetes experiencing symptoms have their testosterone levels checked. Patients who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes have an increased chance of also having Low T.

    Returning your T levels to normal

    There are several different treatment options available for men with low levels of the hormone testosterone. If you have the symptoms of Low T and tests have shown you have a low testosterone level, your doctor may suggest treatment. Which Low T treatment depends on what you and your doctor decide is appropriate.

    There are natural supplements that can enhance men’s sexual health without overloading the system with unwanted ingredients.



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