Is Raspberry Ketone a Scam?

by Michael Griffin
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  Looking for a quick fix to weight loss? Maybe there is no such thing, or maybe  you just haven’t found the right supplement for you. There are tons of weight loss scams that make outlandish promises to consumers. Everyone wants to lose weight and look good, but it is important to do your research before buying into the lies. We sniff out weight loss scams so you don’t have to!

Product Overview:

Fat burner Raspberry Ketone has been around for some time now, but only really took off and became popular once Dr. Oz put his stamp of approval on it. The main ingredient Ketone is found in the berry and is suppose to be an all-natural secret weapon in the war against fat. Ketone is now known as a notorious fat burner thanks to Dr. Oz. Is this just another health fad he has used to boost his own career? Or does this actually help real people lose weight?

How does the Ketone work?

Ready for a little science lesson? Raspberry Ketone ramps up the metabolism, meaning that the nutrients are used Ramp up the metabolismsolely to raise energy levels and support physical activity and never get stored in the belly as fatty excess. It oxidizes fat and helps out the liver. A healthy liver is crucial to weight loss.Ketone also keeps the body pure from chemicals, synthetic sweeteners, and preservatives. It works with the body’s existing toxin eliminating functions. The effectiveness of Raspberry Ketone depends on potency levels, the more potent the Ketone the better weight loss results.

Crazy for Caffeine:

Despite how natural the berry-derived main ingredient is, this product unfortuantely includes caffeine. Almost all weight loss pills on the market do this to increase energy and essentially get users addicted to the boost. When caffeine is in your system it prevents you from fully resting at night, which your body does need to repair form workouts and rest the mind. Then in the morning you wake up feeling not rested and like you need… wait for it… you guessed it– more caffeine.

Is this the real Special K?

Dr. Oz says a lot of things help with weight loss to be honest. They all are scientifically proven to, it is the results and real clinical testing that are missing from this equation with Raspberry Ketone. There are no tests conducted on humans to prove that this product unanimously will work to help users get the results they want and deserve after spending their money.Without diet restrictions and exercise, I find it hard to believe that something so mild, that really only controls one facet of weight loss, could single handedly bring the results that the company boasts. This isn’t a magic bullet that is for sure. Ketone can be one useful component to a comprehensive diet and exercise program that a user participates in on a long-term basis.

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