Is Monavie for Real?

What is Monavie?

Monavie is a nutritional supplement that is developed to provide the body with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive and function properly. This supplement is in juice form for convenient consumption. According to its manufacturer, it has 19 super fruits, including acai berry. Monavie is loaded with antioxidants that help enhance your health and shield the body from the potential danger caused by free radicals. Monavie also provides other essential vitamins and phytonutrients to help the body maintain its overall health. Moreover, there are various formulations offered to cater to the particular requirements of every consumer. For instance, there’s one for fortifying the immune system. There’s also one offered for promoting cell restoration as well as boosting the suppleness of the joints.

The Company behind Monavie

Monavie, at one time, became well-known in the multi-level marketing field. While the manufacturer has already ceased its operations, its products like Monavie juice is still offered by some resellers. Some of their most prominent products are their juice blends. Prior to closing down, Monavie faced allegations before with regards to untested assertions they’ve made about their products.

What is the Mechanism?

Monavie mainly functions by delivering the body with vital nutrients and potent antioxidants that come from natural sources like fruits. The nutrients present in Monavie help with numerous bodily functions and help address specific inadequacies for the prevention of some medical issues. The antioxidants in Monavie are also valuable when it comes to fighting off free radicals from wreaking havoc in the body. Some of the formulations here make use of some active components, for instance glucosamine. This ingredient is recognized for its potency to help with maintaining healthy joints. What’s more is that there are other components in Monavie that are claimed to help in the fortification of the immune system through the addition of potent components including Wellmune, a patented compound.

What are the Formulations?

Monavie MX: a 3-in-1 juice formula that provides effectual antioxidant support while simultaneously boosting the health of your joints and immune system. It is also loaded with fruit flavonoids originating from 19 fruits and 11 vegetables. This is known as the ultimate Monavie mixture which has glucosamine for better suppleness and mobility. This formulation also has Wellmune, a patented compound which is said to be substantiated by clinical proof for boosting the immunity.

Monavie Essential: the most well-known formulation of Monavie claimed to protect the body against the impact of aging. It is claimed to enhance one’s general health by nurturing the body with vital nutrients and effectual antioxidants that shield you against the threatening effects of free radicals.

Monavie Active: this one is a tasty mixture of 19 beneficial fruits with the addition of glucosamine for improving joint health. It is mainly for people who have active lifestyles as well as those who are getting older since it’s for augmenting joint suppleness.

Monavie Pulse: this is a distinctive mixture of fruits that are claimed to be great for heart health due to their efficacy in improving the body’s cardiovascular state. It is also loaded with potent antioxidants, which shield the body from numerous health problems. In addition, it also has plant sterols and resveratrol for heart defense against cholesterol level regulation.

Monavie (M)mun: this unique formulation is touted to provide the body with essential nutrients against everyday health threats. It is basically a mixture of 19 fruits including Wellmune for boosting the body’s immune system. It is claimed to be a formula that is clinically tested to combat oxidative stress to shield the body from diseases.

Product Features of Monavie

  • There’s a variety of formulas that have potent antioxidants
  • There are clinically tested components present in the formulas
  • There are various formulas designed for specific functions
  • Monavie can be purchased from numerous resellers
  • There are customer reviews from users who have used the formulas first hand.

On the other hand, there are also concerns about the claims of the supplement being unsubstantiated. There also have been grievances from some users saying this product isn’t that effective.

Proper Use of the Product

For great concentration of the product, shake the bottle with efficiency. It is recommended to use 2 ounces of Monavie alongside your first meal of the day and another 2 ounces alongside with your last meal. In the case that it gives you sleeping issues, drink it earlier.

Safety Precautions

It is generally suggested to speak to a doctor before taking this product, or any other product for that matter, especially for those women who are expecting or breastfeeding.

Bottom Line

By and large, Monavie is a great nutritional product that gives the body essential nutrients, including antioxidants. On the other hand, there are concerns about the assertions made about this product because they’re not backed by scientific evidence. Monavie is also a bit costly compared to similar other products. Nonetheless, it’s worth trying because there are also positive reviews and the ingredients are promising.

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