How to Get Rid of Back Pain Quickly and Easily

by Michael Griffin
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preview-full-shutterstock_517592437Back pain is a very common problem that most of us experience at least once if not multiple times throughout the course of our lives. In fact back pain is the most common source of pain that people complain about, more than 80% of us having back pain at one time or another. Back pain being the most common thing people complain about when it comes to pain coupled with the professional lives that most people lead is troublesome. This is because most people in America and the western world are involved in the service industry in some capacity, which usually involves sitting at a desk for prolonged periods of time, every single day. Sitting for this long without moving, having to lean in typing and looking at a computer screen can easily lead to bad posture. This is important to consider because bad posture is the root cause of the back pain that many people suffer from.

Don’t Turn to Pain Killers for Your Back Pain!

Like most anything else, when it comes to a problem most people look for an easy fix. It is even more tempting to look for a quick fix when you’re in pain, but reaching for a pain killer is not the right solution. Even over the counter pain medications which require no prescription can potentially be dangerous to your health. This is even more so the case if you have a history of ulcer or any other serious illness related to the stomach or digestive tract. Drugs like Tylenol and other NSAIDs are linked to liver damage and intestinal bleeding so we generally want to avoid these products if possible.

Root Out the Cause of Your Pain

This may sound obvious to some, but the key to rooting out back pain is to discover the underlying cause. Once you do this, then you can properly treat the pain and problems associated with it. Common cause of back pain are things like: inactivity, poor posture, arthritis, stress, obesity, poor sleeping habits, etc.

Feed Yourself Properly to Accelerate the Process

preview-full-shutterstock_115219366Just like with any other injury or illness, your body needs the right fuel to get the job done right and in a good amount of time. Not eating properly can not only prolong the healing process but it could exasperate the injury as a result. Some foods like processed foods high in sugar and additives will just make things worse, and are foods we want to avoid. Anything that promotes inflammation like sugar as we already mentioned, alcohol or stimulants like caffeine are food items we want to avoid. Making sure that we drink enough water, are eating foods high in fiber, lean protein, good fats and potassium are key to success. These include foods like green leafy vegetables, chicken, turkey, fish, nuts, seeds, berries and bananas to name a few.


A supplement may be necessary to help alleviate back pain especially if the cause is linked to arthritis. Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints which results in pain and stiffness. Fish oils, magnesium, and turmeric based supplements are great tools in helping to combat arthritis. Essential oils like lavender, peppermint and wintergreen oils are therapeutic techniques used for centuries to treat inflamed joints like those associated with back pain. The fragrances from these oils are believed to help the patient relax, promoting reduced inflammation and back pain as a result. A good choice for those unfamiliar with the market is a product called Optimal Omega, by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle.  It helps to combat arthritis by providing you with an additional supply of omega 3 fatty acids and other compounds at higher levels than that found in natural food sources.

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