How to Fix Common Muscle Aches

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Many people do not realize the aftercare of a workout or strenuous physical activity. The common belief is fluids are ingested, and a shower is taken; however, there is much more that people do to combat the physical labors of working out. For one, muscle soreness is a critical issue among fitness lovers. Since they work out their muscles so much, it’s almost certain that they will be sore afterward. Even some people look for remedies for their muscles aches and pains but are not sure what to do in times of crisis. However, there is no need to look any further here are the common fixes to muscles aches:

During Any Physical Activity

Stretch It Out

Stretching helps the blood circulate which in return will help the muscle heal. Some common stretching poses and techniques include walking lunges, jumping jacks, and even jump rope. It’s good to get the blood circulating before any physical activity. In fact, it’s recommended that you warm up before you exercise or try any physical activity. Stretching will allow your muscles to get warmed up in order for them to be used in exercise, and will also prevent from injuries.


Hydration is crucial since it reduces muscle soreness and prevents cramps. However, sports drinks are not the best option where hydration is concerned. Water has been around since the origin of the earth and still to this day it’s considered the best product to hydrate your body. While it may be flavorless and not as pretty as sports drinks water will decrease muscle soreness, prevent cramps, and provide a person with energy, however, if you’re thinking sports drinks can do the same then your incorrect. Water will help the body naturally while sports drinks aid the body artificially. So the next time you have a cramp remember to hydrate next time!

Have Good Form

How to Fix Common Muscle AchesWhile someone might not know if they have lousy form but continuing it may result in injury, it’s good to go to the gym since they have professional trainers that can help with posture, reps, or answer questions relating to exercise. It’s best to be confident of your posture when you’re working out. If not then you might slip, fall, or accidentally injure yourself. If you need assistance with your stance you watch YouTube video about fitness, look on websites relating to fitness, or visit your local gym today!

After Physical Activity

Have an Ice Bath Ready

After working out for an extended period of time, your muscles are going to be sore. However, ice has been known to reduce muscle soreness. It is recommended that at least ten minutes of sitting in an ice bath will alleviate the after-effects of working out. Therefore, individuals who want instant relief or a quick solution an ice bath is preferable. But don’t just jump right in make sure your wearing shorts or some kind of clothing when you take an ice bath. It is essential to keep your mind off the cold ice as you take a bath, so some reading material is suggested.

Wear a Heating Pad

Later in the day, you can administer a heating pad to circulate the blood and encourage blood flow. The heating pad will allow the sore or aching muscle to loosen up which in return will make you feel better. Many types of heating pads can be used. Heating pads can be purchased at your local grocery store or health store, however, if you want a heating pad that will undoubtedly provide you with comfort you can ask your doctor about the best brands.

Have a Pineapple or Some Cherries

Pineapples and cherries have anti-inflammatory benefits which will help reduce muscle soreness and muscle pain. If you had a hard workout, you can always mix both in a smoothie or eat them in fun fruit salad to combat the aches and pains of exercise. Some others to include pineapples and cherries into your diet are juices, jello, and cereals.

The Day after Any Physical Activity

Use the Sore Muscles

While you might not want to do much exercise of any kind, it’s good to get up and get moving while you have a sore muscle. However, you shouldn’t try to challenge yourself in the exercises you do; instead, you should try and take it easy. For example, walking is a simple exercise that will get you up and moving again without doing too much to upset your body. Some other exercises include simple stretches, swinging your legs, and jumping jacks.

Use Ice

How to Fix Common Muscle AchesAs commonly known ice decreases inflammation in muscles soreness, using an ice pack the next day will allow for tension to decrease in the muscles which in return will make you feel better. However, there are many ice products that you can use. You can buy an everyday ice pack and put that on your aching muscles, or you can purchase one of many muscle relaxing products that use the advantage of ice. Products like Icy Hot, Biofreeze, and Tiger Balm may cost you some money, but they might do you some good too.

Have a Massage

While it’s known that massages target muscles soreness and muscle aches, massages are not commonly valuable because of their cost. However, it’s better to be given a self-massage due to the pain of muscle aches not everyone will be able to be cautious about your needs. In fact, at a massage center, you might be in a lot of pain if you didn’t do it yourself. Thankfully, there are many massages products available like a foam roller or a massage stick that will help both you and your muscles relax.

Honestly, having sore muscles is not a fun day at the park, but hopefully, they will be healed either with ice, heat or maybe by a few cherries. Who knows what other remedies might be lurking out there? But if it works for you, then that’s all that matters. Be safe and stay healthy fitness lovers!

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