How to Choose the Best Lube for Your Sex Life

by Mike Stewart
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Passionate couple hugging and holding chocolate in their mouthsThere is nothing to feel ashamed about because using lube is perfectly normal. When it comes to sex, there isn’t any manual, but “the wetter, the better.” However, it can be a bit difficult to decide on the type of lube to buy because there are unlimited options, but we are going to narrow down your choices for you.

What Type to Buy

Before going to shop for a lube, you should know that there are different types of lubes and they come in a variety of bases, such as:
  •         Oil
  •         Water
  •         Silicone
  •         Hybrid – a combination of two or more bases
Hybrid lubes are usually the combination of water and silicon; therefore, it has the properties of both. There are a lot of formulations; you need to decide which one suits your need and style more. Water-based lube also called the versatile lube can be used in all sexual activities you can ever think of, even those involving the use of toys. Water-based lubes can also be used with condoms without any complications, and according to research, it reduces the likelihood of condom breakage. This lube is wildly popular because it doesn’t stain the sheets, washes off easily and it’s easy on the skin. However, if you have really sensitive skin, then you should go for silicone-based lube. This is exceptionally soft on the skin, and most people would not react to it. Also, it lasts longer than other types of lube. So, if you are looking for something that would last very long without causing your skin to breakout. If you are the type to hate distractions when already in action then getting using oil-based lube is the best. Oil-based lube needs to be applied once, and it can keep you going and going. The only downside of the oil-based tube is that when used with latex condoms, it can cause breakage or cause the condom to tear, which defeats the purpose of using a condom. Also, it’s linked with a higher risk of infection. Oil-based lubes may not be the best option if you value your expensive bedspreads, because it can be quite difficult to clean up.

Natural Lube

If you are a bit concerned about what you are rubbing on your skin, then you should opt for natural lubes. There is still an ongoing debate of what natural lube exactly is. Natural lubes are products that have about 95% natural ingredients and have no artificial smell or taste. There is the Aloe Cadabra which has about 95% of aloe vera; it is a very nice option that is worth considering. Alternatively, you can use coconut oils as lube, although it can stain your sheets, and may be difficult to wash off. Also, it can cause condom breakage because oil breaks down the effectiveness of latex. You should also be careful of contamination, and make sure you always wash your hands before dipping it into the jar.

How to Use Lube the Right Way

How to Choose the Best Lube for Your Sex Life There is no wrong or right way to use lube. If you need it to masturbate, spread it liberally, as much as you feel is necessary and get on with your solo session. So apply it as much as you want, whether on your penis, or your partner’s vagina or anus. After you have decided which lube works best for you, you should warm it up in your hands. While, this may not be a requirement, but lubes are naturally cold, and making it warm would bring more pleasure. If you are making use of a condom as well, then you should make use of a non-oil based lube on the outer part. Regardless of if you are using dental dams or condoms, adding lube to the equation would make sex more pleasurable for your partner and yourself.

Options to Avoid

When you decide to go lube shopping, there would be so many options available at the counter – flavored, tingling, natural. These lubes can be exciting to use, but you should check out the ingredients and if possible use litmus paper to check the pH value of the products. Watch out for some ingredients as they can cause inflammation or irritation. Examples include:
  •         Petroleum
  •         Chlorhexidine gluconate
  •         Nonoxynol-9
  •         Glycerin
You can go for glycerin and paraben-free lube as it reduces the chances of getting infected. Also, if you are going to use toys and condoms, its best to find a lube that is plastic and latex-friendly. Regardless of why you want to use lube, remember that it is a sure way to spice up your sex life.      

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