How Sex Changes After 25

by Webmd Men Staff
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As you age, many things will change, including your sex life. Good news is, there is one thing that doesn’t change, your ability to enjoy sex. You will have to adjust to the changes that will happen within your body that will affect your sex drive. You can’t prevent age related changes, so you might as well be aware of them. Here are a few things that will happen to you as you age.

Erections are less likely.

I’m not saying that you will never have another erection, but compared to when you were younger, they will definitely be harder to come by. Think about it, when you are in your teens, everything turns you on, but as you age, it will be slightly harder. Little distractions will take away from the firmness, like a phone call or the TV being on for example. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as you and your partner will have to spend more time together in the bedroom.

As you get older, it is also more likely that you will experience conditions like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and everything in between. These can only contribute to conditions like erectile dysfunction. If you do experience erectile dysfunction in your life, you do not have to stop having sex. You and your partner will have to be patient with your changing body, whether you do experience erectile dysfunction or not in your lifetime.

Premature ejaculation.

When you think of this, you usually think of a time when you were younger and how it was a problem then. Well, as you age, you will be more likely to experience premature ejaculation again. This can happen from two things, anxiety and sex that is penis centered. When you have anxiety, it affects your nervous system, this can include the nerves in your penis. Usually, why premature ejaculation occurs when you’re older is anxiety about your erection changes.

When it comes to sex that is penis centered, it puts pressure on your penis. Men often believe that pleasurable sex heavily includes the penis. Remember that there are many other ways to have pleasurable sex, that doesn’t put all the pressure on your penis. If you aren’t focused on just your penis, you will be more likely to spend more time focusing on how you can create pleasure without it. This can also help to reduce anxiety about a failing penis.

Most men don’t use erection pills.

man touching crotch holding pills on other handThe idea that older men constantly have to use erection pills is a myth. Many men have never tried them or have taken regular intercourse off the menu and do not need them. As couples age many factors can lead to stopping regular intercourse, for both men and women, but like said above, there are other ways to create pleasure. Just remember that if you need to use an erection pill, you should not be ashamed they exist for a reason.

Your sex drive is going to slow down.

As you age, it will take longer for you to become aroused. This is not a bad thing, as you will be more likely to match your partner’s pace. Many women complain about how easy it is for men to experience arousal. As you get older, you will take more time, which means that your partner will be able to get there with you.

The good news is, is that it isn’t all bad. There are some things that will come naturally as you age. Sex and aging may not seem to go hand in hand, but it is not the end of your sex life. Here are a few good things about sex as you age.

You’ll ask for what you want.

When it comes to sex, sometimes we all need to ask for what we want to get it. As you age, you will be more likely to express what you want. We all want to feel pleasure during sex, so why not start asking for what you want?


As you age, your confidence will grow. Think about it, when you are younger, you are worried about every little thing that happens in the bedroom. As you age you will become more confident in yourself and what you are doing. Plus, you will be more likely to have a permanent partner to help you feel confident every time.

You are more relaxed.

Having sex when you are younger can be a little stressful. You are always wondering if you did enough, did you do it right, is your partner mad? As you get older, you will be less likely to worry about these things, and you will laugh off any embarrassing thing that happens in the bedroom.

couple happy in bed man laughing

You are more experienced.

When it comes to sexual experience, that should come with age. You will get older and more sure of yourself over time. You won’t think twice about things that used to worry you in the bedroom. You will begin approaching sex differently as you age, and it will only get better. If you could go back, wouldn’t you want to tell your younger self how great your life gets?

You can take care of yourself.

When it comes to taking care of yourself in the bedroom, you are more likely to feel comfortable with it as you get older. You never know what you’ll learn when you are alone and you can feel comfortable prompting your partner to help you out.

You put up with less.

When you are younger you might put up with just about anything so that you can have sex. As you age, you will be less likely to put up with all the crazy just to have sex. You will also be more likely to have found a partner that you actually like and trust. This can really help out in the sex department. Instead of going from partner to partner like you did when you were younger, you’ll really be in love with the one you are with as you age.

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