How Junk Food Might Reverse the Advantage of Vegan Diet

by Mike Stewart
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When you switched gear to choosing to live as a vegan, the whole plan was to embrace everything green and leafy in feeding and in principle. You sought to eat vegetables, grains, seeds, and fruits which are quite rich in essential vitamins and minerals; You ditched everything that comes from animals and canvassed for their safety; You volunteered in tree planting exercises just to ensure that the ecosystem doesn’t come crashing down all of a sudden. Of course, all this has got to count for something and that’s the legacy you want to herald for generations to come. However, it wouldn’t be best to taint your vegan righteousness by deciding to do junks food. Apart from betraying your principles which is quite in the best interest to decide, you might be harming your health. Thus, this article has been written to make you see how junk foods adversely affect your vegan diet.

cutting up fresh produceThe glory of the vegan diet

The vegan diet is low in carbs, and fat but at the same time high in vitamins and minerals. As such, it has a lot of benefits. Some of which include the following;
  • The vegan diet since it comprises a blend of fruits, vegetables, peas, beans, nuts, and seeds contains several mineral nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Nutrients such as potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamin A are present in the vegan diet unlike the ordinary diet that centres on just carb intake.
  • Another benefit of a vegan diet is that it’s fashioned to help lose weight. In fact, this is the only reason why most people are embracing a vegan diet. The need to cut out on the carbs. Little wonder most vegans look thin.
  • It reduces blood sugar levels. Of course, by reducing carbs, the production of glucose is also reduced, hence reducing blood sugar and increasing insulin’s functionality.
  • It protects against certain chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Research indicates that feeding on fresh fruits increases the likelihood of not dying from cancer. So, vegans are aptly protected from all these. The avoidance of animal meat and animal products also help decrease the risk of contracting cancer too
  • It is effective for lowering the risk of heart disease. The list goes on and on.

The dangers of junk food

Junk foods also are known as fast food or finger foods are meals that are food that is high in calories, process highly but low in nutrients. Mostly, there is a high presence of sugar, salt, and fat in it.  Junk food as against the vegan diet poses many health risks to the body. Some of these dangers include the following:
  • Proneness to obesity. This is not surprising though. Excessive consumption of junks can lead to obesity as calories which can no longer be used up as energy is stored up as lipid in the body. Hence, increasing one’s body mass.
  • Vulnerability to diabetes, cancer, and other chronic illness. Glucose impacts negatively on the pancreas which is the organ responsible for the production of insulin, hence increasing blood sugar. A condition that leaves the body’s defense system weak and vulnerable to disease.
  • Behavioural change because junk food is addictive. Just as alcohol or tobacco, junks are also addictive. The inability to ditch them can further lead to anxiety, stress, and depression.
Now, from the foregoing, it is crystal clear that a vegan diet and junk food stands at two opposite end. Deciding to crunch some chocolate bars or drown pizza or fries as the case may setobese man you back over ten miles from the health goals you desired to achieve when you decided to take the plunge to become a vegan. The major thrust of this article would be that junk food contains excess sugar and are high in calorie. Hence, the need to avoid them totally and sticking to your vegan diet. It should also be pointed out at this point that not all vegan diet is perfect for health. However, a carefully planned vegan diet is good as it helps to reduce the risk of disease. Worthy of mention is also the fact that, in order not to cut back on protein and high-calorie intake, some vegans delight to be designated as ‘junk food vegan’. They add veggies to pizza or spice up doughnuts with cabbage. This is not good enough. Just know that, if you are consuming junks, you’re consuming sugar and this negates the whole veganism which you represent.

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